Help promote alcohol sales at UNL athletic events

Help promote alcohol sales at UNL athletic events

51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Why this petition matters

Started by Tom Mann


There is a recent uprise in the demand for allowing alcohol to be sold at University of Nebraska Lincoln athletic events. To show the outstanding support, I have decided to create this petition to show there are people to back it up. 


The petition will be sent too Derek Bond who is the assistant director of athletic events at UNL. This petition will ultimately prove to the university that there are people on this campus supporting and promoting alcoholic sales at the university of Nebraska Lincoln athletic events. Signatures will need to be in by Friday may 13th. 

Who I Am?

I am Thomas Mann, a freshman at UNL and for my writing and argument class I researched a local issue within the city of Lincoln. The certain issue I decided to focus on was alcohol sales at university athletic events. Have seen first hand the potential revenue the university could make off alcohol sales just like events such as the Garth Brooks concert that was held in memorial stadium. I feel as if now is the time Nebraska should take the step and sell alcohol at games.


You might ask “ Why would I want to support or sign this petition?” My answer to that is if done correctly serving alcohol at athletic events and possibly making UNL a wet campus is something the university should try out. There are many reasons behind that. One is answering the fans' requests for having alcohol in the stadium specifically, those in the survey put out by the university to people who attended Nebraska games this past fall. Next is the economic opportunities that come with allowing alcohol on campus and at games. Finally is the social aspect people cherish while having alcohol at the games and on campus. 


51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!