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Help preserve Canadian Democracy!

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Under the Prime Ministership of Stephen Harper, the Conservative Party of Canada has been held in contempt of parliament without consequence. The Conservative Party of Canada also stands accused of tampering in the last election in the so called "robocall" scandal.

The same government has shown contempt for the democractic process by proroguing parliament twice. This abuse of democracy has continued into the current term with the introduction of the massive omnibus "budget" bill, and the stifling of debate surrounding it's contents, many of which have nothing to do with the budget, but instead gut environmental legislation, allow foreign workers to be paid less than the minimum wage, increase the age of retirement, and starve or eliminate funding for organisations deemed to be at odds with the views of the Prime Minister and his government.

Mr. Harper and his party were elected to power by less than 40% of the people who voted, yet he governs as though 100% of the people support him. Even those within his own party lament that they do not agree with what is being done, but are powerless to stop him. The opposition parties have had their voices all but silenced by the Speaker of the House who has ruled that even though bill C-38 is the largest single piece of legislation ever brought to the House of Commons (425 pages), debate has been limited to just 10 hours.

It is time to restore democracy to the Canadian people and stop this blatent abuse of power by the Conservative Party of Canada.

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