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Offshore wind is an emerging large-scale growth industry worldwide. With zero offshore wind projects in the United States, there is a race to develop numerous offshore wind projects along the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes, all fixated on capturing the benefits. The technology has been validated and deployed widespread in Europe and most recently Asian waters, employing tens of thousands of workers in sectors such as engineering, design, construction, manufacturing, and maritime logistics.

Ohio is uniquely positioned to build the first freshwater offshore wind project in the United States, however  action on policy to support offshore wind in Ohio is required in the form of legislation. The initial project led by the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation is only a catalyst toward securing the first-mover advantages which will not only create Ohio-based jobs and turbine components, but also allow for the export of expertise and manufacturing. Ohio is well suited to host offshore wind with its world-class industrial capacity, excellent ports, suitable electrical transmission infrastructure, and a trained labor force.

Help build this new industry by asking your Ohio representatives to bring home the benefits of offshore wind energy.


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Ohio State House
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I am writing to share my support for Ohio's rare but fleeting opportunity to create a new billion dollar industry. Today, through the efforts of the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo), Ohio is a leader in the race to build the first offshore wind project in North America and thus capture the associated economic advantages. LEEDCo is a non-profit, private corporation that directly represents Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Lake, & Lorain Counties, in addition to the City of Cleveland, NorTech, and The Cleveland Foundation.

LEEDCo’s initial project will be located nearly seven miles offshore Cleveland and consist of five to seven wind turbines. The initial project serves as a catalyst toward capturing the industry in Ohio before other states do. An Economic Impact Study sponsored by NorTech indicates that the initial project will create 600 jobs - a small fraction of the approximate 8,000 jobs that are projected to occur by scaling up capacity over time. The study can be found at

Acting first on offshore wind will allow our state to utilize its expertise in manufacturing and maritime infrastructure to export turbine components and equipment to the rest of the Great Lakes region and beyond. With world-class industrial capacity, excellent ports, suitable electrical transmission infrastructure, and a trained labor force, Ohio is well positioned to become a regional hub for decades as this industry matures.

Your urgent action will help us capture those benefits and provide jobs to Ohio’s skilled workforce for decades to come. Thank you for your urgent attention and deliberation on this opportunity.

Thank you for your time.