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Help Poor Women and Children Unlock their Potential

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Today, the world’s poor are survivors, with motivation and skills honed from their daily struggle just to live. They share the same dreams that we all do: a warm house, enough food to eat and a better life for their children.

However, not everyone sees their strengths, and the poor are locked out of opportunities to reach their full potential.

Grameen Foundation believes that all of us - even the poorest citizens of our world – can reach our full potential if given access to the right information and resources. Do you agree?

Take a stand for poor women and children and help unlock their potential by signing this pledge right now.

So what, exactly, has the power to unlock potential?

Microfinance unlocks potential. Maria in the Philippines used a $73 microloan to expand her roadside business and sell sweetened bananas on a stick. Eventually, she earned enough to open a restaurant on the side of the highway!

Farming information unlocks potential. Caroline was a farmer in Uganda with sick chickens. Thanks to our mobile app, she learned she could feed them aloe vera in their water to cure them. Her livelihood was saved thanks to this vital information.

Health information unlocks potential. In Ghana, Yvonne had previously delivered a stillborn baby and wasn’t sure if she could have a healthy baby. She registered for our Mobile Midwife service and received weekly voice messages reminding her of her clinic appointments and what foods to eat. Today she has a healthy baby boy.

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