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High summer temperatures are melting away Arctic ice at alarming levels. And as a result, Alaska's polar bears are going without food for longer and longer.

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking action on climate change and just announced first-ever limits on the carbon pollution from any new power plant built in the nation. It is not a minute too soon for polar bears.

But, billionaire Big Polluters are using their influence to try to block action on climate change. We must act quickly for polar bears and urge the Environmental Protection Agency to set the strongest possible limits on carbon pollution.

Help protect Alaska's polar bears by sending a message to the Environmental Protection Agency, supporting strong limits on the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

Letter to
Environmental Protection Agency
Thank you for proposing limits to industrial carbon pollution from future power plants. I strongly support the Environmental Protection Agency's action on climate change.

We have an obligation to protect our future generations from climate change by addressing its causes and impacts including carbon pollution from power plants.

Power plants account for 40% of the carbon pollution in the United States, and while we currently protect public health with limits on arsenic, lead, soot and other pollution from power plants, there are no existing federal limits on carbon pollution.

Please move quickly on finalizing the new carbon pollution standards to ensure no future power plants can dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air and stick to your commitment to cut the pollution from existing plants that drives climate change.

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