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Petitioning Madison City Council Alder Marsha Rummel and 2 others

Help Plan B Continue to Support the Williamson Street Community

Since establishing in 2009 Plan B has been a great addition to the Williamson-Marquette (Wil-Mar) Neighborhood. Plan B has prided themselves on the philanthropic business plan donating tens-of-thousands of dollars and countless hours to celebrate not only the LGBT community but the entire community in the Wil-Mar neighborhood.

Recently Alder Marsha Rummel (Alder of District 6, where Plan B is located) chose to separate Plan B's licenses from mass approval with other similar licenses in the neighborhood. Generally licenses are voted on in mass on an up or down vote unless they have "prior incidents" that need to be discussed. Many of these private incidents involve violence, weapons and underage drink, all of which Plan B has had no immediate issues with.

Plan B's license is being pulled for separate review because a few select individuals in the neighborhood have convinced Alder Rummell that this is what needs to be done. These people have made it their goal to have Plan B's licenses not renewed.

We know that the majority of individuals in the Wil-Mar neighborhood and a majority of citizens in the city of Madison awknowledge Plan B's contributions to the community and wish to see their licenses renewed.

That's where you come in! We ask that you please forward this petition and have everyone you know fill it out and show your support for Plan B. We can show Alder Rummell that a majority of her constituents support Plan B and renewal of their licenses.

So please, share this on facebook, send out a tweet or take your laptop to your friends and be sure they help support Plan B!

Letter to
Madison City Council Alder Marsha Rummel
ALRC Policy Coordinator Mark Woulf
I am extremely disappointed in your decision to separate Plan B's license for review. Plan B has been a great addition to the Wil-Mar neighborhood and I support them.

Plan B has proven themselves as a great addition to the neighborhood. They help support our community events with tens-of-thousand-of-dollars and hundreds of work hours. Your decision to separate their license makes no sense as an elected official. I look for responsible, civic minded businesses like Plan B to join our communities and I think this decision of yours is not only an affront to the type of businesses I want in our community but is also anti-jobs.

Plan B provides very good paying jobs to individuals who may be otherwise struggling in this tough economy. I implore you to change your mind for the neighborhood, for the people who work there and because I pledge full support to Plan B.

Do the right thing, reverse this decision!