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August 19th, 2010...the House Health Committtee of Pa. has heard testimony from many patients and advocates of medical marijuana. Americans for Safe Access, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and a personal friend of Tommy Chong all whom stood with patients for their right to better medicine.

This comes after 8 months of the Health Committee stalling progress. The medicine, we know, that works best for our bodies and minds must be given to us legally and in a safe manner. This is our basic constitional right. OUR BODIES, OUR MINDS, OUR TEMPLE and NOTHING CAN TAKE nor USE, FOR ANYTHING.

Also this petition goes into prohibition matters.

Please read some more into the life of someone, who truely does suffer daily...

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Pennsylvania State House
and 3 others
Pennsylvania State Senate
President of the United States
Pennsylvania Governor
We are concerned that Pennsylvania politicians are not being compassionate when it comes to patients needs. We feel you are not listening to reason and common sense. We are concerned about our friend's needs.

We have many friends in Pa. This is about one, in particular. His name is Christopher David Moore. He lives in West Chester, Pa. He is a spinal injury patient. A disc was removed and replaced with an artificial disc. His spine is now fused with four screws and alloy. Every day he experiences pain. He swallows Percocets and Loratabs, six or seven a day. Chris's pain is the sort of pain that doesn't go away. Unfortunately, over time he has become accustomed to this pain.

We fear that the prescribed pain medications are doing more harm than good. Chris lives every minute of everyday with nausea. The medications are labeled, may cause nausea. He vommits two or three times a week, a direct side effect of his medication. Chris also lives every minute of everyday aware of the addiction factor. What this means is that Chris is aware, his body is addicted to his prescribed medications. He is a fighter and will not allow his mind to fall prey to such horrible chemicals. His everyday self dialog includes "Remember how many pills you took today" and "These pills are killing me" and "I know marijuana would be a better medicine for me, only if it were legal, here in Pennsylvania" and "How can someone in Colorado get better medicine and I can not...I should sue The State of Pennsylvania"

The science proves, marijuana is comparable to today's presription pain medications, especially with neuropathic pain issues. Marijuana is less addictive and has less of a withdraw than caffeine . That my friend, is scientific fact. There is not a single credible scientific fact to argue against marijuana being issued to any and all that want better, safer medicine.

Members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition say they are tired of seeing their brothers and sisters killed in the line of duty, for a drug war, an unnecessary drug war. What they are saying is that the turf wars would end, the senseless murders of men, women and children would end. Ending Prohibition on marijuana would also be a great way to help patients in Pennsylvania, not to mention grow your states economy, create jobs, and make new and very important, to your political future, contacts.

So, will you support better medicine? Will you help end the gang violence? Will you help grow our country a better, safer future? Will you keep America safe, in our own streets? Will you help my friend, Chris and all the other patients suffering daily from prescription pain pills. Pills that do more harm then good . Medications are to help not hinder. We are Americans, we are the land of the free. NOT... we are the land of the free unless you want better medicine or we are the land of the free unless you want our streets to be much safer. This is the land of the free, PERIOD.

Won't you help millions of people experience better medicine. Introduce bills at the state and federal levels supporting medicinal use of marijuana or co-sponsor bills that are favorable to marijuana being in our present day health care system or be at the forefront of the movement to end the prohibition of marijuana, that was fraudulently represented from the 30's. Make our communities safer and more enjoyable.

We will be watching,

You could respond to this letter:
Christopher David Moore
1370 Lenape Rd.
West Chester, Pa 19382

Remember Chris is affected by all politicians in Pennsylvania, since all Reps. and Senators of Pa. vote on bills that affect all in Pennsylvania. You should contact Chris and tell him your point of view on these matters. You may tell him something he doesn't know or understand yet. Like ,how is it ,14 states plus Washington, DC. support marijuana in their health care systems and states like Pa. and Maryland and others have not excepted marijuana with open arms. After all marijuana is scientifically proven to be less addictive and to have less withdraw than caffeine and is comprable and better tolorated than today's precription pain pills.

Thank you for your time and effort on these matters.