Reexamine Cannabis and Allow Local Research, Education and Medication

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(This petition has been edited following the events and progress in Malaysia)

Please sign this petition to entreat the government in Malaysia to free Dr Ganja [Capt (R) Amiruddin Abdullah] and allow medical doctors to professionally observe patients treated with Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) in local hospitals that will determine the true affects of Cannabis on the human mind and body once and for all. A summary of our demands are stated below followed by a short description.

1)   Call for Dr Ganja who was detained for more than 8 months to be released.

2)   The presumption of trafficking for the possession of 200 grams of cannabis in Section 37(da) Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 is inhuman, cruel and outdated. Death penalty should be abolished and cannabis should be removed from the Dangerous Drugs Act to be recognized for its therapeutic properties as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). (

3)   Insist that the Malaysian government strongly support and allow experienced local medical doctors, NGOs and universities to conduct research and clinical trials for medical cannabis on patients with various diseases like epilepsy, autism, HIV and cancer. The valuable data collected should be shared to the public in accordance to the Malaysian Health Promotion Board Act 2006.

4)   Request the Attorney General’s Chamber to cease prosecution for self administration and possession of cannabis for approved medical purpose in addition to decriminalize both offenses as jointly recommended by the United Nation and WHO to end discrimination in health care settings. (

5)   Ask for the government to form a working committee consisted of the Ministry of Health, National Anti Drugs Agency (AADK), Attorney General’s Chambers, medical experts, university researchers, health care policy expert, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for legalization of medical cannabis.

6)   Request for Cure & Care Tampoi, under the National Anti-drugs Agency to withdraw their police report against the “Malaysia Medical Marijuana” Facebook page. The page follows the Medicine (Advertisement and Sales) Act 1956, with the goal of attaining the attention and interest of local doctors, chemists and scientists towards cannabis related research studies. We are willing to allow the page to undergo the investigative process as stated in the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 to prove the true intention of the page that only posts scientific facts and do not “promote” the use of cannabis in any way.

7)   Request for the National Anti-drugs Agency (NADA) of the Ministry of Home Affairs to withdraw their statement calling all cannabis users "shit" without ever meeting any of the patients or people involved. We urge for a constructive and civil discussion or debate on the matter either in private or on live broadcast.

8)   Call for the book “Human Evolution and Cannabis” to be the pioneer cannabis related psychology reference and research in Malaysia on how the active compounds influence the mental state, emotions and thoughts of a person. The study explores the neuropsychiatric effects of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinoids (CBD) on the human mind and body. In the book, the "high" feeling is demonstrated as a shift in the mind frequency from Beta to Alpha and not an uncontrollable intoxication that gets you befuddled. 


     “Malaysia Medical Marijuana” is a proactive community page on Facebook solely created by locals to share scientific research articles from countries that have conducted studies on cannabis and not to give pressure to or force any party. Medical cannabis related information shared on the page is inclusive of the source and related justifications proving the legitimacy of the finding. The page also acts as an international social platform where professional scientific studies can be shared to the people in compliance to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. We do not promote cannabis use; sale; or urge for its legalization. On the contrary, we would like to educate and give awareness to the citizens of Malaysia whom are already vastly venturing into the use of this psychedelic substance to ensure they understand the responsible use and medical applications of cannabis as a whole.

     Local registered NGO, Malaysia Awareness Society (MASA), doctors and scientific researchers would like to work together with government agencies in Malaysia to start a clinical study where human patients are treated with medical cannabis buds and monitored. The immense data that we gather from such studies could elevate our perception and possibly open the gateway to treat chronic patients with cancer, epileptic seizures and more. Currently, national universities have already conducted numerous research studies on the effects of THC and other cannabinoids on lab rats. Each study proved that cannabis is safe and even capable of regenerating neurons in the brain. The only setback holding behind this revolutionary medical discovery from the people is the uncertainty of what cannabis does to the human mind and body. Therefore, we would like to instate that we are not following the movement of other countries, but demand for an authorized local clinical study because the well-being, health and development of Malaysian citizens depend on it.

     Today, cannabis users who are not criminals but treated as a national threat because cannabis is classified under Schedule One of the Dangerous Drugs Act faces a dull future. Although Malaysian laws are preventing research studies on the cannabis plant and human consumption, countries around the world have proved the effectiveness of THC and CBD for the human body and decided to amend cannabis laws by regulating its distribution and use. The 2014 statistics report on “violent and property crimes” from the Denver Police Department, Colorado, United States shows an extraordinarily decrease by 10.6% in the first year after legalizing the use of cannabis. In addition to that, Colorado also attained an increase in economic profits from the sale of medical cannabis alone. The NGO Highland Network who organized a forum in the Dhurakij Pundit University, Bangkok in 2015 covered how the prisons in Thailand are filled with over 300,000 people caught for drug use even though the capacity is only up to 200,000 people. They also found that the mental health, dignity and future of those convicted are deeply affected especially for the young. This proves that the current “War on Drugs” is a failure as stated by our Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at Thailand share immense knowledge regarding the good and bad effects of various drugs. With that knowledge, the citizens of Thailand accepted cannabis as a medical substance that can eradicate various diseases and have used it for many years as a traditional herb. In 2016, Highland Network hosted an open event where MASA was invited to present the “Human Evolution and Cannabis” study to the public alongside well-known Dr. Somyot Kittimunkong who wrote the book, “Cannabis is Medicine That Cures Cancer”. The whole event was recorded by Thailand local news and their government has amended the laws on medical cannabis to allow its plantation and use starting 2018.

     Experience and knowledge from other countries are valuable for Malaysians as such studies or effort is not available here. Datuk Dr. Lokman Hakim Sulaiman, the Deputy Minister Director General of Health stated that 10% of Malaysian citizens are bound to have mental problems by the year 2020. Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that 45% of people in the world aged 10 to 24 years suffer from neuropsychiatric problems. As an aftermath, the 2014 United Nations report states that gangs, social problems, crimes and terrorism is on an all-time rise. We believe that our research proposal would be able to resolve increasing psychological disorders witnessed worldwide as well as introduce the complete spectrum of the human psychological body. The book titled, “Human Evolution & Cannabis: The Ultimate Gift” is available on online bookstores worldwide.

     In a conclusion, we urge the Malaysian government to allow cannabis research studies and clinical trials for Malaysian patients to reveal the truth for the happiness and health of Malaysians.

Cure not War.

Thank you.

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