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The Limit the Amount of Chromium VI in your Drinking Water

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Chromium 6 is a very dangerous pollutant that has entered our drinking water system. It is a heavy metal that comes from eroding rocks and soil as well as industry processes such as electroplating, stainless steel, leather tanning and textile manufacturing.  Chromium VI has contaminated over 75% of water supplies in America. It is especially problematic because only a small amount of Chromium VI, just 0.02 parts per billion, can have tragic effects. The effect Chromium VI has on the human body is outrageous. If Chromium VI comes in contact with the human body, it is known to cause many diseases including skin cancer, lung cancer, eye irritation and skin ulcers. There is very little awareness regarding the infiltration of Chromium VI into our water system nor information regarding how dangerous it is to the human body . There are some existing solutions to Chromium VI contamination but they are all costly or inefficient filters including reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and a corn cob filter. 

For those of you who don’t know, Reverse Osmosis is a filter which uses a high pressure pump to push the contaminated water through a semipermeable membrane for filtration.  Ion exchange is a process which filters separate ionic contaminants by replacing ions with other ions of the same electrical charge. We learned more about this process when we met Dr. Randy Slemmons, a biochemist who educated us about the high cost and impracticality of ion exchange. A corn cob filter is made out of dry corn, and it absorbs pollutants such as gasoline, salts and even heavy metals. It is cost effective however it only removes a very minor percentage of particles.

We are here trying to pass a regulation regarding the amount of Chromium 6 in our drinking water. We got this idea when we met with the director of Monroe waterworks, Dr. Michael J. Barnes. He informed us that the water utility rarely conducts checks for Chromium VI, and even if a high level is found, there are no laws or regulations stopping it. This regulation will make sure that those who dump Chromium VI in water or local water services that fail to keep their water clean will have to pay severe fines. The EPA will conduct checks every 6 months and if the water system is found to be in violation, fines will be imposed on both the local water services company as well as the factories that dumped it.  There is no direct cost to passing this regulation -  the only cost will be the detection but it is very minimal. An ion separating machine (chromatograph) costs only $30,000 and this is a one time cost for a system that can be reused countless times. This is less than the price of three months of cancer treatment, which will be required if our regulation isn’t passed. 

So we urge you to help support this petition in order to achieve the goal of cleaner and safer drinking water. With the spread of this petition, we will be able to pass a regulation to maintain the limit of Chromium VI in our water supply. 






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