Confirmed victory

Delaware College Preparatory Academy (DCPA)  organized last winter to be represented by the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA).

Our school is in trouble.  I am writing because we need your support to get DCPA on track. Please help us and help our school!

We believe that...

Students deserve school to be a positive and safe learning environment.

Teachers deserve fair treatment and respect.

We are not asking for any salary or benefit increases in this contract.  We are trying to make DCPA a safer environment for our kids by enforcing a student code of conduct and empowering teachers to do their jobs without fear of retribution. 

While our union has negotiated in good faith, the school has repeatedly delayed negotiations, blatantly ignored communications, and ignored requests for meetings and information. The school has even ignored communications from the state’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB).  This past week, DCPA fired two members of our negotiating team without just cause in an effort to break the union.

DSEA has filed for mediation on our behalf; our mediation date is this Monday, September 24.

You Can Help: Sign the petition asking the school to negotiate in good faith!

Letter to
School Board Delaware College Preparatory Academy
Executive Director Delaware College Preparatory Academy
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Delaware College Preparatory Academy.

Negotiate in good faith!

Dear Delaware College Preparatory Academy School Board,

I am writing to urge you to negotiate in good faith. It's the law.

Students deserve a safe positive school environment. Teachers deserve fair treatment and respect.

Stop trying to break the union. Start communicating and working with your teachers, instructional staff, and nurse to help your school and your students.

Negotiate in good faith!

In solidarity,

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