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Help North Korean Refugees #EscapeNorthKorea

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Imagine living in a country where...

• Lack of food and hunger are a constant part of everyday life
• Citizens are at risk of being imprisoned at any time
• Prisoners are tortured, starved and ill-treated and forced to witness public executions
• The imprisonment of one family member often means the imprisonment of all members of three generations of the family
• An estimated 200,000 political prisoners are held in work camps

This is the reality of life in North Korea.


Due to this repressive regime in North Korea, thousands of women and men escape North Korea through China, in hopes of finding a better life.

There are approximately 20,000-200,000 North Korean refugees hiding in China. Because China does not recognize North Korean defectors as refugees, defectors in China are under constant threat; if caught, they are returned to North Korea, where they face imprisonment or execution. 

The United Nations efficiently promotes peace and equality, and helps improve the lives of people all over the world, and we genuinely respect their organization for these efforts. However, there is a lot more the UN can do to help those who escape from North Korea:

1) Rethink Deportation Laws

Any North Korean defector found in China is deported back to North Korea, where they face imprisonment or death. The United Nations should recognize North Korean defectors as refugees under international law, prohibiting deportation, and ask all member countries of the United Nations to recognize them as such. Forced repatriation should stop immediately, and the UN has the team and resources to help make this happen.

2) Rethink Human Smuggling Laws 

Anyone who aids a defector out of China and into another country, financially or otherwise, is considered a human smuggler. Enabling private sponsorship of North Korean defectors could help change this law – allowing individuals or groups to provide financial aid towards helping defectors.



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