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Help my husband Jerzy J.Boron to be reunited with us, his American family to support our seriously ill daughter Veronica in the United States.


My children and I are American citizens.
Please help my husband Jerzy J.Boron to be reunited in the United States with me and our 3 children and support us in a terrible times, when our daughter Veronica is seriously ill.
My husband was deported in 2004, because of his illegal entrance to the United States in 1998.
Our oldest daughter Veronica is seriously ill (Neuropathy). Just recently, she had a surgery in Shriner's Hospital for Children in Illinois, to help with her normal movement around. The surgery is only a temporary relief. She needs a permanent help and further treatment. Only good medical care can prevent this disease progressing rapidly. We need my husband and the father of my children to support us emotionally and financially. Without him I won't manage to raise our 3 children and give a good care for my ill daughter.
He is a wonderful father and husband. In the United States he was a good businessman and honest person and he never had any criminal conviction. We miss him and we need him so much. With your help, we are hoping to reunite here soon as American family to support each other in our very difficult times.
Barbara Kaniewska-Boron.

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    Janet Napolitano
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    Jan Schakowsky
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    Mike Qugley

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