Help my friend

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On Friday, April 20th, my friend Victoria Castellano overheard a shooting threat. She was participating in the NSW. She didn’t report it to the police, but posted it on her snapchat saying “yo, i just heard about the shooting threat for monday at mhs!? stay safe y’all, idk if i’m gonna go in.” This simple warning was then taken as a threat by the school district and treated as such, not treated as the warning that it was. She made a mistake and admits to this. She is now being accused of being a criminal, has been suspended from school until next April, and is still facing potential police involvement. We, her friends are petitioning today to raise awareness and possibly have her punishment reduced. She made a mistake and is now being treated, and accused of making the threat in the first place instead of the school trying to find and punish the people who made the threat in the first place. We consider this to be cruel and unusual punishment. We push you today to get a reconsideration of her punishment and to look at it the way it was meant, a good kid with good intentions who just wanted to warn her friends and raise awareness to the issue. Sincerely, her friends from Mahopac, BOCES, and other areas who all want her to be okay and not let the school district ruin her life over a simple mistake and a warning made with good intentions.