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Help Muslims In Burma (Myanmar)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters ,
More than ‎20,000 Muslims have been killed in Burma(Myanmar) in the past few weeks.Burmese military is slaughtering them without any feelings and the worst part is that the mainstream global media is ignoring this bloodshed.Not even a single news channel did report this concern requiring matter.Had this genocide been taking place in the middle east, there would have been a military operation by NATO.I am forced to belive that Honourable President Obama and other Organizations wroldwide are ignoring it just because they are all Muslims.If not so, then why are they just pushing it aside ? What has happened to the peace loving and brotherhood promoting world leaders and our media? If a muslim commits any crime or kills any one then media and the world would compete to blame the whole muslim community . They already did give them the title of terrorist ignoring the facts that lead them to do so. Now what are they going to call this act done to muslims of Burma and the Burmese government doing so? What fault was done by the innocent children and women folk of Burma ? If in a population there are few bad people, can that give them the right to kill all the innocent people out there ? I want to ask the buddhists if this is what buddhism teaches ? Remember that these are being done by the followers of one of the most peaceful religions in the world.

In this situation , I would like to request Barack Hussain Obama to appoint US “Human Rights” organizations and USA Action plans to support Muslim brothers in Burma and help them come out , Also I would like to request King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to offer a helping hand to these brothers and sisters !!!

Just because there is no oil and wealth in this country , please dont ignore them. Atmost they are also Human Beings .

Please join and suppport this petition reach them .

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