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HELP mother & 6yr old ORDERED BY JUDGE to go to school 80km away & back to abuse.

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Hello! Thank you for reading! I would before I go into detail i would like to make two points clear which are

1) I am requesting help for my partner and her son. All the signatures will be for them, toward their happiness, peace and security.

2) I am very embarrassed to have to write this and not have the capabilities to help them to the full extent myself. Each letter i type makes me feel as I have failed them. They have no idea YET that I am making this petition. 

THERE IS NO EXAGGERATION IN WHAT I WRITE HERE; everything can be proven in writing, voice recordings, video recordings, official documentation.


We have been in the current situation 2 years now and if i were to write all the details you would either think it was a script from a film or a SCFI book. I will try and summarize everything and cut to the chase as best i can.

My partner has been 6 years in a psychologically abusive and humiliating relationship. She was made to believe she was worth nothing as a wife, nothing as a mother, nothing as a woman. When we met she was a terribly insecure and blamed herself for everything. One weekend her jealous husband threw her out of their home with the child and she was forced to go to a friends. She finally saw a break and a chance to get away from this toxic situation, soon after this we met. Over the courting period she opened up and finally told me she was in an aggressive and abusive relationship with her 5yr old and no way out until now. Over the course of 2 months i convinced her to report her EX husbands behavior to the police incase it goes too far, and so she did just that and reported her husband to the police.


The father / EX went to trial in a family abuse court and was found guilty and given 4 days house arrest and a 6 month restraining order, my partner was granted full custody of her 5yr old son.

The 6 months came and went almost without a hitch, but, 2 weeks after the restraining order was up he started again with the abusive messages, calls, emails etc. At the same time my partner was made redundant at work and the contract on her house was up, which they would not renew without a job contract. So she now finds herself recently separated from an abusive EX husband, with custody of a 5yr old.. no job or house in the next 3 weeks. So we decided that she should move in with me 80km away from where her and her EX lived. This grantees a roof over the child's head and a warm bed and she can calmly find work. If she did not do this she was concerned that they would give custody to the father.

She advised the father of the move IN WRITING via RECORDED DELIVERY and obviously, as he is a manipulating controller he does not want her or the child to move out of his grasp. What follows this is an all-out declaration of war on the mother using his own son as the weapon.

My partner found her son a great school and all his needs were attended to, but the father refused to authorize anything in the new town she lived in making life impossible for all.

(Skipping forward a few months of hell)

After living away from this monster for a year my partner has started to get a little security back and find hope and reason again.


FALSE ACCUSATIONS; Twice EVERY WEEK Tuesday and Thursday, the father / EX & charged as guilty reports the mother (my partner) to the police and family law courts as taking their child away and claims in writing that he does not know where his son is. YET HE HAS SIGNED A RECORDED LETTER FROM THE MOTHER TELLING HIM THEIR NEW ADDRESS AND CONFIRMING THAT HE IS FREE TO COLLECT HIS SON ON HIS GIVEN DAYS. SO far we have been told of almost 60 or more police reports made by the father against the mother for the above reason.. and we have been called to declare before 3 different judges against these allegations and each time the charges have been dropped as not true.

(Skipping through hell a little more)

We started taking the boy to school this September 2016, a really nice multi language school 100 meters (100 yards) from where we live. Due to the convective father we had to ask the judge to authorize the new school so it went to trial again early November 2016. The judge ruled that her son should be going to the school where they used to live a YEAR AGO... 80km away (60 miles)  The VERY NEXT DAY with the judges sentence in hand ORDERING by law the mother to take her son to this school 80km away, the father went to the school and threatened the school and principal with lawful action if they not register the child that same day. With the judges sentence in hand the principal did so.


The judge and system seems to have forgotten we are in a domestic abuse court and that the mother has escaped an abusive relationship for a better future for her and her son. The same judge who has FORCED her to take her son toa school 80km away was also the same judge who found her EX guilty of abuse charges and sentenced him to a 6 month restraining order!


Astonished and shell shocked the next Monday my partner found herself being ordered by a Spanish judge to take her child to school 80km away (Approx. 1hr by car) However my partner does not have a car and i cannot take her every morning due to work commitments, so she is forced to take her child the 80km by bus!


This means she must wake her 6yr old son at 5:40am and get him ready to get the first bus at 6:30am,they have to change buses 4 times and if no bus is late she gets the little boy to school for 9:20am with luck. She then has to wait around the area for 5 hrs and until her son finishes school and make the same 3hr return journey back to where we now live.

Sometimes the boy does not get to eat until 5pm and they spend 6hrs a DAY in buses.


After trying this a few days she refused to subject her son to this ordeal. The father has denied to help with this journey and actually stated in writing that if she does not make the 170km (120 mile) round trip to the boys school he will report it to the law courts and claim that the mother is not fit to look after her child and ask for custody!

The father is ruining us economically and is trying to tire us to the point of forcing my partner back to the area where he lives and offended, but we can not allow this... this would be a step backwards and a waste of a year. Our budget for legal fees has long gone, our savings also have gone on fighting off lies and unnecessary court battles. We have taken out loans thinking it would end soon only to find it has gone on more. We have borrowed money from friends and family also.

All i want is to see my partner and her son smile again, show them that people like this do not win as long as we have good hearts. Give a 6 year old his childish innocence back and get his mother her self-confidence and pride back. We no longer think about holidays, weekend breaks, days out, eating in a restaurant or anything more than how we are going to defend ourselves against this monster and front the legal bills that are spiralling out of control.


My partner is not working, currently has no social benefits and her savings are now non-existent we all live on just my wage. Each month she must pay approx.

€700 a month on transport / bus fees to get her son 170km  daily round trip to school that judge has ordered.

€2,500 on legal fees and court expenses to fight all the lawsuits the father is inventing to discredit her

€250 on loans, interest fees on loans taken out to pay for a specialist family lawyer

€200 on social media raising awareness and collecting signatures to take this sentence to the high court.

 We are trying to raise funds here to help fund this fight. If yo ucan help please click this link.

There is SOOOO much more to this than can be written here.. there is so much to be said but i don’t know what more to say! I don’t know if i have talked to much or not enough!

If nothing more, thanks for reading and thinking about us for a few minutes.

God bless

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