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Help Meadow Wood Park Subdivision get clean and affordable water.

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The water provided to residents of Meadow Wood Park Subdivision by the City of Denham Springs is often brown in color accompanied by viscid debris. Not only is the water undrinkable and unusable to bathe, it clogs pipes, gets in hot water heaters and refrigerator filters, ruins laundry and leaves a sticky mess to clean up. This happens sometimes monthly and even weekly.

Imagine one late evening while running a load of laundry for work and school the next day, you put your small child in the bath and the water suddenly turns to brown sludge...

You have to immediately pull your frightened half bathed child out of the water and you have to find another place to haul your family so they can bathe, have water to drink and brush their teeth, and then you have no clean clothes.... When you can finally return home you have flush out your pipes, scrub out your tubs and washing machine, salvage or toss your items in the laundry, empty your ice, buy and replace your refrigerator filter before you can use it again among other things affected by the dirty water.

Try to imagine the inconvenience, aggravation and money this is causing residents. Some of them have special needs and are elderly and a situation like this is even more difficult for them to manage.

The City of Denham Springs Water Department says the water is safe to use and is only " not pleasant to look at or smell" and that it is caused by low water pressure for various reasons dislodging "minerals and sediment" from the lining of the water system. A public official on record admitted he would not drink it himself.

Though brown water has been known to occur in Livingston Parish Meadow Wood Park Subdivision is particularly affected by the most frequent episodes with various causes cited by the water department. This is an issue that has been going on for years. Residents have complained over and over to various government and water district employees and have received various responses and promises, yet the issue still occurs.

The Water Department refuses to provide any credit to the bills of the residents of Meadow Wood Park for the duration of the episodes even though they advise to "run your water faucets for at least an hour" after the issue is resolved by the technician to "clear out your lines". The same public official over the water department citing that " if I were a private business, I would do whatever I needed to do to make you happy...but this is public..."

Basically customer satisfaction is not an issue since you have to have water and there's only one place to get it right?

Furthermore "customers" of City of Denham Springs Water are charged a fee on top of their water usage for "water availability" then the same for their sewer calculated by a percent of water usage. That percent has recently been raised.

Residents of Meadow Wood Park polled reported of an average monthly bill for water and sewer ONLY  to be around $100 with frequent overcharges and mistakes on their statements. Some reported bills over $200.

That's too much to pay for crystal clear water. Something is going on here.

In fact, on a recent statement there was a additional charge for each resident which the Water Department claimed to be a back charge from the time during the flood when the employees were not in the office. THERE WAS NO WATER PRESSURE during this time and after it returned we were on a boil advisory. Residents were dismissed when they asked why they were being charged almost a year later for service they did not even have.

So what's the bottom line?

We want clean water. We are concerned that it is not truly safe to use and consume.

We want affordable water

No one should be charged over $100 a month for water they can hardly use much less drink.

We need help to bring awareness to this situation and to put pressure on those who have the power to investigate and correct this.

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