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Help me save my sisters.

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               The State of Tennessee and the State of Colorado refuses to protect my sisters and I am dying a little each day. 

               Last summer my two younger sisters, Daphne and Michala, came to Tennessee for what started out as a summer visit.  While they were here they were completely different kids, for the first time smiling and laughing, boosting up anyone’s spirits who saw them.  This is different from the way they were in Colorado and when they had to visit their dad.

                While here in Tennessee there were several court hearings concerning what my previous step-father does to the girls and what my older sister and I suffered at the hands of their dad.  These court hearings were the first time that anyone has ever listened to us regarding what type a dad he really is.  Tennessee Department of Children’s Services started to renew my faith in adults.  Faith that they could listen and help me and my sisters, and other kids, find a way to be happy without hurting.  Especially being hurt by the people that are supposed to love and protect you.  In the end my former step-father admitted that he was doing bad things to the girls in court.

                After this hearing though, Colorado said it was all for nothing.  Colorado Department of Children’s Services refuses to help my sisters and the Colorado courts forced my sisters to return to their dad without anyone to help them or protect them.  Tennessee and Colorado have abandoned my sisters without looking back, and if they feel like me, left them feeling lonely and confused about how this could happen when it took so much courage to tell our story in the beginning.  I don’t know how they feel, since their dad won’t let anyone talk to them, so I don’t even know if they are doing ok and no one seems to be able to help even though no one has heard from my sisters in over a month.

                My mom said that this is adult stuff and that there isn’t anything I can do, but I want my voice to count too.  Daphne and Michala are stronger than I was; they actually told someone how their dad was hurting them, when I never had the courage to tell anyone.  Now after showing me how to stand up and get the help they needed there is no one there to listen.  I am just a 16 year old brother who has lost his sisters and I am scared that I will never get to see them again.  My grandpa tells me to pray and that each day will get better, but I want to be strong and let my sisters know that I learned from their courage and that I love them.  I am concerned for my sisters’ safety because I know how scary their dad can be and how it feels like you’re walking on egg shells so you don’t mess up around him. I used to live with him and had to do everything perfectly.  One mistake like forgetting to put ice in his water and I would get a punch to the gut or hit. My sisters shouldn’t have to worry about this.

                Tell the Department of Children’s Services in Tennessee and Colorado that they can’t forget my sisters.  Tell the Senators and Governors of Tennessee and Colorado that they need to stop the “jurisdictional” fight and help my sisters.

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