Help me save my children from Boko Haram


Help me save my children from Boko Haram

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My name is Nkechinyere Jonathan. I’m 45 years-old, from Nigeria and mother to four children. In 2013 I was an English teacher in a city in the north of my country when the terrorist group Boko Haram arrived, terrorizing my community with violence and closing schools. They kidnapped our students and I never saw them again – and neither have I seen my children since that horrible time. 

Boko Haram wanted to impose new rules but I did not agree with their violence or the way they prohibited girls from going to school. So I began giving classes within a church in my city, and for that received several death threats – so much that I was terrified to walk in the streets. Out of my group of 15 teachers, 10 were killed and 5 escaped our town.

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In order to survive, I too had to escape Nigeria and leave my children behind. I knew that my daughter was in the most danger, so I left her in the care of my sister in a small village away from Boko Haram. Mine was a long journey, but in July of 2014 I arrived in São Paulo, Brazil, with my passport and visa. I applied for asylum from the Brazilian government, but over two years later still have not received the documents I need in order to bring my children over.

I need your your help. Join me in asking the Brazilian government to recognize me as a refugee so that I can bring my family over to Brazil, safe from Boko Haram.

One month ago, my son Victor was victim of a bomb attack in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria. When I found out, I felt so desperate – without the proper documents, I can’t do anything to protect my children. Victor survived the attack but with massive burns on his legs. 

For my children’s safety, I’m asking Brazilian authorities to give me asylum so I can bring my children to live by my side in peace and safety in Brazil.

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