Help me remove the racist Mayor of Cumberland, Sydney

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The current mayor of Cumberland Sydney Steve Christou has publicly made negative statements towards the Muslim and Asian communities of Cumberland, and these statements have been offensive and a deliberate attempt to exclude them from the council. 

The first statement was made last year that he didn't agree to the covid safe Eid prayers organised at Gallipoli Mosque that was approved by the State Government. 

The second statement made on the 19th January 2021 saying that it was a fantastic win for a mosque development application to be rejected.

The muslim population is quite significant in Cumberland Sydney for us not to feel inclusive is below standards. 

Further he has gone to 2GB radio to complain that he couldn't get a bacon egg roll at a Bankstown sports carnival and implied that it's un Australian.

Further the mayor has privatised children's services. He has no regard to the impact that has made on families and workers. 

To make it worse, he has deleted comments on his Fb page by the public made in response to his negativity and has not responded to us. 

I feel only a petition against him and to remove him from Council will be the solution so we can get a better mayor who understands the community and its needs.