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Help me keep my father from getting deported

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This past year has been very hard for my family and I. We have gone through many obstacles that have challenged us and have left us vulnerable. About a week ago, my father was informed that he is at high risk for deportation. With new immigration policies and changes under the Trump administration, he may not be able to renew his work visa. In efforts to prove to the Immigration Court that my father is worthy of staying in this country I have created this petition and I am asking for your help. 

Here is a little bit of information about my father, 

Juan Ochoa arrived to the United States from a very poor life in Mexico at the age of seventeen in hopes of creating a better life for his family and for his future. For eighteen years Juan has been a productive member of society. He has worked and contributed to the community in many ways like every other U.S. citizen. Every year he has paid his taxes and he has no sort of criminal record. After a long day of work, Juan always looks forward to spending time with his family and catching up with them at the dinner table.

As a U.S. citizen myself, I can assure you that my father is very proud to be a part of this country. At times I feel as if he is more patriotic than I will ever be. This is his country just as much as ours and for years all he has ever wanted is to officially become the U.S. citizen that he has always been. Without my father my family will suffer. Juan has two children with diagnosed and documented disabilities that require medical help and medication. If he were to get deported, his children will not be able to receive not only the proper medical help but also the proper education. Deporting him to Mexico would only leave more people suffering and in poverty. There is no future for our family in Mexico. 

I am asking you to please take a second of your day and to sign this petition if you agree in hopes of keeping my family together and to prove to the court that my father is worthy. We are not just numbers, we are people too. 

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