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Help me get my mum here - my kids need her support.

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This is my last resort and one that took me putting my pride to one side. It wasn't easy. It took me digging within myself to do this petition, but it's either this or I will go mentally insane.I will keep it really short; I am a single mother with two kids- no family support in the London and a daughter who is has been ill for the past six years. I can't go into here -but will do one day, it is far too sensitive.

Despite my mum being here on two occasions, she has never overstayed or worked; the home office has refused her a visa six times in the last 2 years.Even to the point where my daughter was blind and undergoing a corneal transplant.My son had major surgery they refused her, I was graduating they refused her.
I am a stretch and tired, I find myself juggling between my two kids with different needs, one in the hospital and one needs to go to school at the same time etc. I am one person.One human being.
All I am asking is that Amber Rudd takes some time to review my application. Look at the hundreds of medical letters from my daughters' consultants, the GPS and even my MP. These outlined her medical condition and why I need help from my mum. Please help me draw attention to this and get them t review my daughters' medical file and permit mum a visa.

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