Help me bring my baby back home

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This is my beautiful baby Sofia. She is absolutely everything to me. I came to Pakistan seven months ago to adopt her, but now the Home Office has denied my baby a visa 3 times, and I’m sick with worry that they won’t let us return home to London.

I went through a long adoption vetting process in the UK with the involvement of the British authorities before I came to Karachi to adopt Sofia. Now we’ve spent four months living in a small, cramped room waiting for this to be resolved after 3 visa applications have been rejected.

Having my first child should be the most incredible experience of my life. But not knowing if I’ll be able to return to my life in the UK has made me sick with worry. Every parent knows the first few months in a baby’s development are so important and I’m concerned she’s missing out on important interactions with other people. I have no family, friends or network here.

It’s not fair on me and more importantly it’s not fair on Sofia.

I chose to come to Pakistan to adopt Sofia because I knew I could give this precious baby a good, loving home with a mother who shares her religious and ethnic background. I never thought for a moment that the Home Office would treat a mother and child like this.

They’re saying they don’t allow adoption from Pakistan, but there are two other British families that adopted from the same orphanage and they were given visas. These rules aren’t being applied consistently or fairly.

I’ve been a resident in the UK for twenty years. London is the only home I have. I just want to be able to return as soon as possible to my friends and family, my life and give Sofia the best possible start too. But I’ll need your help to do it. Please sign my petition calling on the Home Office to let me return to London with Sofia asap.