Help make public schools better

Help make public schools better

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Why this petition matters

Started by Angela Della Ratta

I want to help kids actually learn. I want to help kids actually care about school and stop failing grades and wasting valuable time. I’ll be getting in contact with the Maryland Superintendent of Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education to show them my ideas. This is the summary of what I want to see implemented in Maryland’s public schools that could change kids’ lives for the better.

1. A second language taught in elementary schools and years beyond, rather than starting in 8th grade

2. Better courses, more in depth

3. A class that teaches kids about the world around us; nature

4. A better way to combat bullying and promote a positive school environment

5. Classes taught outdoors whenever the chance is available—it calms kids down, relieving symptoms of ADD/ADHD (easily distracted), and improves grades

6. Increased recess time in elementary schools (there is a positive correlation between recess time and grades & behavior)

7. A break or recess for middle & high school

8. Later start time for all schools (no earlier than 8:45am)

If these ideas are seen, then there’s a good chance we can make public schools become better, especially for our own children in the future. If these ideas are not implemented, then schools could stay stuck as they are for who knows how long, having failing kids who grow up to never realize their true potential. The State might be already working on change, but not fast enough. It takes multiple voices, multiple people who care, and preferably people who have had direct experience in MD’s public schools to show them that this is a serious problem and that change needs to happen.

64 have signed. Let’s get to 100!