Help make Monster Mash available for players on Wizard101.

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I strongly suggest that Kingisle makes the spell Monster Mash available as an ultra rare drop in a limited time Halloween card pack just like Headless Horseman. I have been playing Wizard101 primarily on my Death since 2008. Many people including myself think that Death PvP is at its lowest point possible right now. I think that this spell can help save the death school dramatically. Death currently does not have a low pip spell that punishes the opponent with a debuff such as weakness or a stun besides Winged Sorrow which requires a shadow pip. I think Monster Mash with at least 415 damage for 6 pips can help bring death PvP back to what it once was. Of course people will say that it is overly powerful because of the beguile effect but remember you can't attack the opponent while they are beguiled and the target can still heal or blade stack themselves as for death wizards which rely heavily on blades, Leaves the perfect opportunity to blade themselves and prepare to hit the next round. The 6 pips and considerably lower damage helps balance the spell so Death Wizards won't be able to rely on it every round and will have to use the spell wisely. It can also be a game changer for 2v2 or higher because using the spell on a offensive player or healer can sabotage their play and will have to force them to try different strategy's therefore making Death more offensive in PvP. I Hope Kingsisle takes this into consideration because I know a lot of us who play this game regularly that would very much love the idea of being able to open some card packs hoping they get lucky and use this spell. Thank You!