Call for the immediate resignation of Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed "Farmaajo"

Call for the immediate resignation of Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed "Farmaajo"

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Libaan Wadaani started this petition to Shacaabka

Mohamed "Farmaajo" Mohamed was sworn in as President of Somalia February of 2017 and rode into office on a wave of Somali nationalism not witnessed in decades. But just 6 months into his presidency, Farmaajo set the tone for the kind of administration he was gonna run by extraditing decorated Ogaden War hero and a member of the ONLF "Qalbi Dhaqax" to Ethiopia. A nation infamous for their abuse of political prisoners. That treasonous act only grew more treasonous when instead of apologizing Farmaajos administration doubled down on their decison to extradite Qalbi Dhaqax by labeling the ONLF as a "terrorist organization". Even with wide scale protests all over the world condemning these 2 acts, Farmaajo has yet to apologize for his betrayal of a Somali war hero. These acts set the stage for an administration that has created an ever-growing rift between the federal governments agenda and that of Somalis living outside of Mogadishu.

President Farmaajo came into office promising to eradicate Al Shabaab within two years. Not only has the president failed to do this, but security has deteriorated under his presidency. On October 14th, 2017 the country saw a level of violence not witnessed in decades when more than 500 residents of Mogadishu were bombed to death in twin attacks. The governments response to these attacks and deaths of civilians has not weakened Al Shabaab at all as they continue their attacks on the capital on a weekly basis, something unseen since pre-2010. To add insult to injury, the citizens of Mogadishu trying to make a living now have to pay a tax to Al Shabaab in order to remain safe and protect their livelihoods. 

As President, the following list of actions show that Farmaajo is not serious about defeating Al Shabaab or respecting the human rights of the people of Somalia:

  • Members of his intelligence agency such as Zakariya Ismail and Fahad Yasin are former Al Shabaab spies. Yasin also has ties with a Qatar nation that has been exposed recently in the New York Times for funding bombings in Somalia. These former members of Al Shabaab with ties to foreign nations working to destabilize Somalia are now entrusted with the nations security.
  • President Farmaajo has used Ethiopian troops in Amisom and funding meant to combat terrorism in peaceful areas like Kismaayo, Dhuusomareeb, Gedo and Baidoa. Troops are deployed to these cities where Al Shabaab have zero foothold so they can secure his interests.
  • President Farmaajos deployment of Ethiopian troops to Baidoa led to the murder of 17 innocent protesters in Baidoa in December 2018. This kind of violence by the federal government has been instrumental in pushing people towards supporting Al Shabaab. Farmaajo has yet to be held accountable for the deaths of these civilians.
  • Questions about his commitment to human rights are further raised by his appointment of a former warlord, Omar Finish, as mayor of Mogadishu. Omar Finish was one of the warlords in Mogadishu after the fall of the federal government who was part of the USC faction that raped, looted and killed the citizens of Mogadishu. He has never been held accountable for his crimes. 
  • In 2017, Farmaajo used Special Forces in a NISA led operation to try to silence former minister Abdirahman Abdishakur, an outspoken critic of Farmaajo. The operation led to a gunfight that killed 5 of the former ministers guards and injured Abdirahman Abdishakur.

This past year the Farmaajo administration has spent the majority of the year interfering or trying to undermine the elections of the regional state of Jubaland. By arresting members of the Jubaland administration, sending Ethiopian troops part of Amisom to Kismaayo, refusing to recognize the democratically elected president of Jubaland and slowing down airline businesses operating out of Jubaland. President Farmaajo has made undermining the state of Jubalands administration his number one priority. 

As President of Somalia during the worst bombing in Somalia’s history less than 2 years ago, this intense focus on Jubaland and undermining it's sovereignty as a regional state should not be the number one priority of this administration. However it continues to be because Farmaajo is beholden to the interests of his Ethiopian and Qatari counterparts that continue to fund him and provide him with soldiers.  Among other things, the following list is just part of what the Somali population needed the President of Somalia to be focusing on:

  • Securing Mogadishu from Al Shabaab and finally liberating the remaining areas under Al Shabaab rule.
  • Making sure Somalia is food secure during the upcoming dry seasons so as to avoid a famine worse than that of 2011-12.
  • Drafting a new constitution to get rid of the 4.5 system that favors bigger tribes.
  • Reconciliation with regional states and rebuilding the trust in the Federal Government of Somalia.

These were supposed to be the top priorities for the federal government of Somalia. But due to a fraudulent federal election in which bribery was how you won votes, Farmaajo now is forced to do the bidding of his generous donors and is acting in direct conflict of the people of Somalia. Due to this direct conflict of interests it is becoming increasingly clear that Farmaajo is unable to continue serving as the head of Somalia. His continued reign as President of Somalia will lead to more deaths of Somali citizens at the hands of Al Shabaab, his inaction will lead to a famine worse than that of 2011 and worse of all his abuse of Presidential powers will only lead to a growing rift between the citizens of regional states and the federal government.

Somalia is in its infancy as a country recovering from decades of civil war and simply cannot afford a leader who further divides us. This is why we, as concerned citizens of Somalia, are calling for his immediate resignation.

In order to save our country from falling into the chaos that preceded the civil war of 1991.


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