Ban the 'no pets' clause in NSW tenancy agreements

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It's time to ban the 'no pets' clause in tenancy agreements. Too many families are forced to depart with their loved and adored pets/family members due to pet unfriendly landlords. These pets are almost always given up and placed into kennels, causing crowding and unnecessary euthanasia. These numbers are only growing. We were unable to find a home for years, and were forced to stay with many different friends over the years due to the utter lack of 'pet friendly' homes and unkind landlords, I know many people who have faced the same struggle. The RSPCA and Tenants Union of NSW have already begun to challenge the 'no pets' clause. This discrimination should not be tolerated, and a ban on the clause is well over-due. Renters should be able to own a pet without having to ask for permission from their landlord, as long as any damages (if any) are covered by the tenant there is no reason to continue disallowing pets. Keeping a pet is the individual's choice. As an adult, you should not need to seek permission for this. Keeping a pet is generally less damaging to property than having a child, it's time for change.