Help Leorn and Stop the unfair, railroad, and coercion prison sentencing of minorities.

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Leorn La’France Walden III, Black, Latino, and other Minority Youth in America.

Many times in the community of minorities and Americans of lower economical statuses children tend to find themselves on the opposing end of the law due to unfortunate circumstances life has lured to them. Leorn and his family believes in fair sentencing; “if you do the crime you should do the time”, but time for the minority community usually is extreme and excessive sentencing.

With the lack of knowledge in law and criminal proceedings in the “justice system” Leorn and his family did not have a chance against state counsel. We know that minorities and people of lower economic statuses are not represented properly when it comes to fighting for justice in the courts of the USA’s justice system.

Leorn has never been a problem child, and he has been an outstanding student/ athlete in our American school system. Leorn has proven that he’s a fighter even at the young age of 15; he was shot multiple times while at a friend’s party, and nearly died on the hospital bed. Thanks to Leorn strength, optimism, he continues to express hope for a fair sentence for himself and others in similar situations.

Please find it in your heart to understand his struggle and fight for justice and proper sentencing.

Violations in the Leorn’s court case.

Leorn rights were violated during the trial process.
- [ ] Violated of being tried as a youth offender chapter 958 youthful offender act
In the state of Florida if a youth is tried in the courts; the max sentencing is 6 years.
More times than often minority children in the state of Florida and in many other states are tried as adults. Most of these families are not versed with the law; and don’t have sufficient funds to afford an attorney; so they are assigned a public defender. Some of the public defenders are not fighting for the client as they should, and the clients fight for justice is squandered away due to the public defender lack of care for the client’s situation.
- [ ] Violation of Due process
- [ ] Violation of minor rights to counsel
- [ ] Public Defender Failed to properly represent defendant,
Leorn’s public defender failed to properly meet with him throughout the time of being arrested until his final day of trial.

- [ ] Conspiracy of harsh sentencing

Leorn has an older brother: Patrick Gaitor negotiated a deal with an attorney who agreed to take over the Leorn’s Walden case. The attorney met with the judge to ask to represent Leorn Walden. The attorney informed Patrick that she was allotted time to gather the proper defense to take over the case, and that the trial will be pushed back to allow her the proper time to defend Leorn Walden. After the lawyer met with the judge a second time the morning of the trial; the attorney came back and informed Patrick that they changed their mind and will move on with the court proceedings that morning. This gave the family false hope, and a scope of how the trial would turn out.

Years later as Leorn’s family filed for appeals, it was found out that the meeting that the judge, public defender and the agreed upon attorney had prior to sentencing; showed the malicious intent of the judge to purposely sentence Leorn Walden no matter if he was innocent or not.

There are court documented transcripts that shows this purposeful and malicious intent of the judge. In the court documented papers it showed that the meeting Moments prior to Leorn being sentenced, and after Patrick negotiated a deal with the attorney that the judge was set on imposing an excessive sentence on The Defendant Leorn LaFrance Walden III.

Moments prior to the judge’s sentencing of Leorn: Leorn’s Public Defender told older brother Patrick, “if Mr. Walden does not plea guilty; the judge is going to give Mr. Walden, two life sentences”. Patrick informed Leorn of what the public defender stated: this is the factor that influenced Leorn to plea guilty: even though he was not properly tried in the court of law.

Without the proper evidence being gathered to actually find Mr Walden guilty; Mr. Walden was sentenced to twenty years in a state prison... there’s more to the story.

Even with the documented evidence against the judge and counsel in the appeal; the judge did not overturn, or lower the excessive sentencing.

We aim to bring light to this case and many more alike; to seek justice and fair sentencing for all.

These malicious acts happen all the time in the courts against the minority communities.

The act of the judge and public defender scaring a minority into a plea to get the least amount of time, because the judge will impose the harshest sentence he/she could fathom no matter if the defendants can or can’t afford a fair and just attorney to represent them.

The act of excessive sentencing by a judge on a person of color.

While incarcerated

While being incarcerated; Leorn has been beaten by correctional officers. He has suffered life threatening situations, Broken bones, and other serious injuries.

He was not protected as a child, he was not fairly tried by our so called justice system, and he is not being protected as he and all other inmates should while incarcerated. Our correctional facilities in the United States of America are not true correctional facilities. They are destinations where violators and allege violators are sent to be enslaved by corporations, assaulted by the ones vowed to protect them and other incarcerated individuals, and/or even worse killed by the same people.

Leorn went from outstanding student/ athlete, to a victim of society due to insurmountable circumstances, to a victim of the USA’s flawed justice system.

Leorn has been incarcerated since 2010, and still to this day has not received the proper counsel for justice.

Please support by donating to this cause, share this story, and sign the petition.

Leorn’s Walden story resembles many other’s that we plan on bringing to light!

The minority youth is often targeted by the justice system. We need to address the unfair sentencing, and improper representation by public defense counsel to our minorities and American of lower economic statuses. The children in these communities need real correction and should not have their life thrown away for mistakes they made as minors, and should not be forced or coerced into pleading guilty to avoid a longer sentencing than what the justice system scares them with. For as long as there been a justice system the minority communities have experienced excessive, long harsh sentencing by judges and counsels of the state. 

Lets change how we handle our youth correctional procedures by giving them real correction opportunities before being thrown away.