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Help Keep Carriage Horses in New York City Safe

New York City's carriage horses are subjected to living and working in poor conditions without enough water, shade or oversight from authorities. Just last week, one inexperienced carriage horse died after being startled by a street performer, breaking loose and running into a tree.

Despite these issues, a new bill has been introduced in the New York City Council that further puts the health and safety the city's carriage horses at risk by eliminating the authority of the departments of Health and Mental Hygiene and Consumer Affairs, the NYC Police Department and ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement to inspect carriage horse stables.

The language in the bill is vague, calling for the inspection of the stables by a "single entity that has veterinary training in the care of horses." It does not determine who would select the entity, and makes no mention of who would fund the inspections. It takes authority and oversight away from those who have expertise in equine care and a commitment to the welfare of animals and does nothing to preventing the carriage horse industry from self-regulating through a third-party arrangement.

Help protect New York City's carriage horses by urging the city to oppose this new rule and keep the horses' care in the hands of the ASPCA and others who are committed to their welfare.


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