I want to help all inmates.

I want to help all inmates.

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Help Inmates all over the states to receive better food and medical help.

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Started by Lakyia Martin

My name is Lakyia A. Martin.

Please honor my request as I try to be as brief as possible for two- request.

1- My father is incarcerated in the South Carolina Department of Corrections, (SCDC) and was sentenced for an extremely unreasonable length of time for a crime whereas he was not offered the opportunity to a fair trial. The exhibits presented at the trial clearly proved that he should have been offered a marginal sentence… I do understand that my dad is not 100-percent innocent, however; he should have been granted a fair trial. I am respectfully requesting information on how my dad’s case can be restored to the calendar.

2- My second request that I am honestly begging that an investigation on the inhumane conditions of the SCDC be warranted forthwith. My father, Efrain Thomas was sentenced for 30-plus years for a conviction of murder. Based on the evidence and ballistics, the conviction of murder was not warranted. My father had many opportunities to have his case presented for reconsideration, however, he was not receiving his mail. We later learned that the mail log was fraudulently manipulated… .

As for the inhumane prison conditions, more specifically; the Turbeville Correctional Facility located at 1578 Clarence Coker Hwy, Tuberville, SC 29162—the conditions are truly inhumane. I do understand that the United States Constitution does not mandate comfortable prisons, but neither does it permit inhumane conditions.

Based on the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution,

In its prohibition of “cruel and unusual punishments,” the Eighth Amendment clearly states the following and more…

“Prison officials must ensure that people in prison receive “adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical care” and must take reasonable measures to guarantee prisoners’ safety. This is not being done.

Please note, it’ not just Tuberville; I speak on behalf of all of SCDC as the inmates in other facilities are more than likely suffering as well. Amongst other minimum standards that are not being welcomed --to state the least; I fear another Attica. As I communicate this message to you; Turbeville Correctional Facility is below 20-degrees. Condensation is an issue. There is mold, it is cold from fall to summer, and extremely hot during the summer months. During the summer months, cell are above 120 degrees…Hence, heat and air conditioning are truly a wing and a prayer.

Medical care is almost null and void.

Cultural differences/mores are being disrespected. Be it Christian, Islamic, or whatever.

The murder, abuse, disrespect from officers, harassment… rate is something that most will not be able to comprehend.

Mail is not being delivered for weeks and many times months if at all. Inmates need blankets, clothes, shoes, warm clothes, and jackets that they are allowed to order, but to no avail.

Phone calls are limited because of inmates waiting to communicate with their loved ones.

The water is brown and more than likely contaminated. Inmates are dying as I communicate.

Covid-19 is running ramped.

Cold food is being delivered, and that is truly when it is delivered… in some cases with mice or rat feces in the food. There are inmates who are diabetics and not being fed or offered medical attention.

Toilet tissue paper is limited.

The following is a kernel of what is happening.

It would only make sense to adhere to the minimum standards set forth to avoid future and unwarranted fatalities as I have researched on the Attica prison riots.

Please help., I love my dad. I would hate to learn he and other officers and inmates were injured because of inmates rioting over not receiving something as minute as a letter.

28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!