End Dog Breed Discrimination Nation Wide.

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Pit-Bulls, and other "aggressive breeds", are constantly being marked as aggressive dogs and an unacceptable breed to have in rental or lease homes, making it very difficult for owners to find a place to live. These dogs have done nothing wrong and are blamed for the actions of people who wanted to make money off of dogs killing each other. I want to change this knowing that recent studies show that even the kindest of dogs such as Labrador retrievers have a slightly higher aggression rated temperament. The racism against dog breeds is no different than judging people for their race or their sexuality. Yes, some dogs have appeared to just turn on their owners and cause harm, however, it is not just these "aggressive" breeds alone.  

Pit-Bulls especially made great fight dogs because they do what they are told to do by their owners and family with great enthusiasm. If raised right and handed over to the right people, pit-bulls are the sweetest dogs you have ever seen. They can love with that same enthusiasm, and be loved back equally. Lets work together to give them a better chance at life and end the discrimination. 

Thank you for signing and please share! (some of you may not wish to touch this because I have aimed for Donald Trump, I urge you to sign this! He is the best bet if we want a nationwide change because only he can make an executive order that can help thousands! I ask you to ignore the politics and help save those precious pups)