Help Home Sharers in Japan

Help Home Sharers in Japan

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署名の発信者 Home sharing club

We the Home Sharing Club are an independent organisation whose membership is largely home sharers who share their own primary home.

We would like to provide our voices on these proposed short term rental (STR) ordinances in several cities in Japan which would prohibit home sharing in residential only zones. We are hoping that we can continue hosting without such major changes and severe restrictions.

Please express your support to help ordinary people continue hosting in Japan.

  • The city government should differentiate hosted and un-hosted accommodations by setting rules where both types of accommodation are best utilised to benefit the tourist and greater economy throughout the city.
  • STR ordinance should be in line with recently passed national legislation to appropriately accommodate the needs of the tourists given it already has 180 total day cap. Some cities’ current proposals suggest that STRs should be banned in residential only zones. Nevertheless, the number of complaints filed to the ward are greater in commercial zones than residential zones. It’s hard to see from these statistics that the living environment is really worsened in residential zones. It also denies the needs of guests who wish to stay in Japan for a longer time in order to live like a local and better understand Japanese culture.
  • The ordinance should be simple, easy to understand, and reasonable including a practical notification process for hosts. Please also be reminded to protect the privacy of hosts.
  • A leaflet that allows an ordinary person to understand what the STR Act and relevant ordinances require. In addition to the obligations set by national legislation, it should be comprehensibly explained in the leaflet what additional requirements are necessary, for what purposes, and how they relate to the law set by the Diet at the national level.

- What is the Home Sharing Club

There are many inbound tourists who are interested not only in sightseeing but also in living like a local here in Japan. By sharing our everyday life even occasionally with travellers, individuals like us are able to feel more a part of this world, to embrace people-to-people exchange, and to receive economic benefits.

When travellers stay at our homes, our neighborhoods, which are not in traditional tourist areas, enjoy their fair share of the benefits of tourism, revitalising our local economies as our guests spend in local markets, cafes, and restaurants.

We are committed to:

  • Acting responsibly in welcoming guests while respecting our neighbours;
  • Enjoying and providing personal hospitality;
  • Supporting our local communities; and
  • Fulfilling our responsibilities as productive members of society

The rapid growth of short-term rentals in Japan has created some challenges that we have to tackle. However, we strongly believe that we are able to strike the right balance so home sharing can benefit both communities and individuals while also enhancing the cultural richness of our society.





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