Help get our Aussie families pets home from Hong Kong

Help get our Aussie families pets home from Hong Kong

29 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by LJ Ferrara

Our Hong Kong Pets

Do you know our Aussie’s moving home to Australia cannot get their pets home?

Pet relocation must quarantine in Melbourne and can only arrive by direct flight there.

Currently, the reasons for this are:

  • No flights via Cathay Pacific
  • No commercial flights with Qantas
  • Qantas freight aircraft changed to no longer allow pet transportation
  • Pet exporters are promoting private charter flights at unaffordable costs.

The numbers to know

  • 18+ months - The time that some of our Aussie families in Hong Kong have been trying to get their pets home.
  • $10K- $36K - are the quotes that 40% of our Aussie families have been quoted just for the flight for their pet.
  • 87% - The number of Aussie families that can no longer afford to bring home their pet.
  • 89% - number of pets from rescue organisations
  • 100%— The number of heartbroken kids, mums, dads who restart their lives without the furry family there.
  • 100% - The pets that cannot ‘Still Call Australia Home’

All we ask is for you to add your name to this list to support our efforts to get these pets re-united with their Aussie families and live their best lives together. Show these families you care ❤️

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Signatures: 1,017Next goal: 1,500
Support now