Help get more pedestrian crossing mandatory in every rural area!

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My name is Sruthi and my mom goes to work from Monday to Friday and travels to work by train. Yesterday she got into a car accident outside of the train station, this did not happen in the train station where there are level crossing or footpath crossing, but outside of the train station near the car park area. The train station car parking area is quite large and wide but we live in a rural area in UK, where that hasn't been provided for us. The main problem was that when she gets of at the train station, there are no pedestrian crossing or even zebra crossing provided, people have to cross without it. We do live in a rural area, however doesn't that also mean that we should be treated with the same rights as everyone else? Other areas in UK, specifically in more urban areas such as London or the more city areas have been provided with area with pedestrain crossings such as zebra crossing at the car park area of train station. Would we have to move to urban areas to remain safe? My mom is very cautious when she crosses roads and walks along footpaths, but yesterday she got knocked down by a car who did not even wait for her to cross although that driver could see she was crossing. There is no laws to even state where pedestrain crossing should be located at or that it should be mandatory in areas such as train stations where pedestrains needs to be provided with a pedestrain crossing. Please sign this and make a possibility for many others to remain safe without having to worry about a car hitting them as my mother has sustained a shoulder injury because of this driver and a lack of concern for putting up pedestrain crossings.