Bring Back Wildstorm's GEN13 and WILDC.A.T.s

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Bring Back Wildstorm's GEN13 and WILDC.A.T.s

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Caitlin Fairchild started this petition to Jim Lee and

  When DC Comics, Wildstorm, and Vertigo publications went into the "New 52," they made a promise. A promise that all of our favorite heroes will come together under one roof, a shared collective of heroes to rule them all. They made a promise that would change the way we read comics forever.

  Though DC has kept this promise at the start of the "New 52" with 52 new tittles being launched, one to represent the three companies unity as a whole. (I.e. Griffter, Team 7, Voodoo, Justice League Dark and Superman etc.) At first things were looking bright, all of our favorite heroes and teams were finally together, united under one roof, a single universe. But like all good things, there's an endgame.

  Over the years, one by one, every Wildstorm comic or comic that featured a Wildstorm hero has been wiped from existence. Midnighter being the lone survivor. And though "Midnighter" is a success and a great comic born from fun interactions the character held with Grayson and Spyral. He is still the only Wildstorm character with a book under publication.

  Fortunately for him and his friends back at Stormwatch, he's had the exposure needed to continue existence within the new DCU. While other characters and teams were never given a chance at all. That being Gen13 and WILDC.A.T.s. And though DC has incorporated these characters and teams into their new connected universe, their representation leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Spartan, reduced to nothing but a cover and small cameo in a single issue.
  • Majestic, though amazing, his only accountable appearance was at the start of the "New 52", which is no more. (I.e. Team 7.)
  • Gen13, Stool benched by the new "Ravagers", an attempt at a new team featuring some of DC's greatest teenaged heroes working together (with Caitlin Fairchild), which was short lived in itself. It did nothing but build on the desire for a more organic Gen13 representation. A flame which was fanned by this teaser placed at the end of Supergirl vol. 6 #33. Though showing potential for a new story arc featuring one of our favorite Windstorm teams. Nothing more was made of the such.
  • WILDC.A.T.s, M.I.A.
  • The Authority, we've got Stormwatch.

  Though a promise had seem to be made. With the end of the "New 52" all but Midnighter remains. Where are the Gen13?Where is our WILDC.A.T.S.? This new DCU(/YOU) has steadily went on to become our old DC Universe simply reimagined. And though there is something for every DC Fan, there is barely anything left for those of us that enjoy Wildstorm.

  So, the reason for this petition is to show DC Comics, Jim Lee, Dan Didio, and Bob Harris even. We, Wildstorm fans and DC Comic fans alike, would like to see and support more Wildstorm character based comics. Whether it be a weekly, monthly, bimonthly or a mini/limited series or One-Shot. We will not be muted and we will not be forgotten.

  Q: Why do I believe a petition will work?

  A: Simple, DC is known best for listening to it's fans desires. Months ago I revealed my desire for a new "Bloodlines" comic on social media via Batman-News forums. A comic, which in only a few months later came into fruition. Coincidence? Maybe. Truth? Most definitely. "Bloodlines" in itself leaves many doors open for the return of ancients aliens. And DC has been proven to be non-shy of limited-series and fan interest (I.e. The Omega Men and newly Prez). They most definitely will be willing to take a chance with Wildstorm. So show your support, let's show them what we want.

                                                             Fellow Wildcat,Thank you.


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