Help Get Canada Back To Normal

Help Get Canada Back To Normal

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The Goal

1 Final Federal Government Funded lockdown, for 2-3 weeks. Where there is a selected date put in place, allowing for Canadians to be made aware of in advance. This ensures that there are clarity and structure to the lockdown. With the sole intention afterward of returning back to normal, because as a nation we will have fought Covid-19 to the best of our abilities. Where we can establish better protection for our most vulnerable, eliminate fear, and allow everyone the freedom of choice on how they ought to live their lives. That is the end goal. Other countries have done it, why can't we?

Most importantly, we need a plan. R2R seeks to make that happen by empowering and amplifying the voices of Canadians, with the intention of PM Justin Trudeau addressing these concerns accordingly.

Why R2R?

Restore Our Economy

Our economy cannot operate accordingly within these constantly changing regulations. Partial lockdowns are not working and have decimated small businesses nation-wide. Along with the damage that is occurring to our supply chains. Continuing the back and forth lockdown measures will only ensure more economic damage to follow until they stop.

The only way we can restore our economy is by fully opening up, which will allow consumer's attitudes to return to the way they were pre-pandemic.

Small businesses have continued to be singled out, whereas their big-box retailers and government competitors have not. LCBO, Costco, Walmart, along with malls, to name a few. These businesses are people's lives, and the financial wellbeing of their families depends on them. Every business is essential.

We must help our small businesses, as they are the backbone of this country and need our support more than ever.

To Prioritize Our Health

We have seen a significant rise in cases of Anxiety, Depression, Suicides, along with Spousal and Substance abuse which all stem from our countries current Mental Health Crisis. Our country is dying from psychological trauma, this is rarely considered an issue by our officials when justifying the lockdowns.

Everyone has a need for community and to be social, it is apart of our very DNA. Depriving people of this greatly affects their wellbeing. Especially in younger children, as we recognize these are some of their most essential developmental years.

Medical care visits have plummeted, with people avoiding needed care. This includes less cancer screening, skipped cancer treatments, and fewer preventive cardiovascular disease visits.


David Nabarro, a Special Envoy for the WHO, has warned against the damage of lockdowns. Stating "Fail to deal with the virus and economies will suffer."

We don’t actually know how many people have contracted Covid-19 in Canada. CDC estimates that it could be up to 10x higher than reported. An educated guess would suggest this data holds merit in other countries too.

80% of all deaths in Canada before August happened in Long Term Care facilities.

Prevention Measures 

Provide better protection to our Long Term Health Facilities, as we know the individuals are most vulnerable when infected with Covid-19.

Tighten our border restrictions. International flights linked to passengers that had Covid-19 have been continuously coming in since the pandemic began. 

We should be doing everything we can to contain the virus so that we can ensure safety and freedom for all Canadians

- Ryan Kennedy


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!