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Petitioning Ohio Governor

help free an innocent man

major breznicki is a 38 year old black male, no criminal background, he has 6 children, he was arrested for allegedly touching a females breast and buttocks, his ineffective council, public defender told told him to plead to a minor charge after 9 months of sitting in jail, and he would recieve probation, and could come home, he did that, was told, by judge he had pled to a felony 1 charge of rape, sentenced to 8 years, he asked to take the plea back, and for a new attorney, the judge gave a new attorney, but; refused to take the plea back,he is going through the appeal process now, please sign his petition, their is no evidence, only an accusation. major breznicki#582-477 is incarcerated at mansfield correctional in ohio.

Letter to
Ohio Governor
I am urging you as the mother of a inmate who was wrongfully convicted to investigate all wrongful convictions, this happens so frequently, I have written to senators, represenatives, judges, prosecutors, councilmen, to no one answering me or helping, my son is innocent, he has requested his dna to be tested 4 times, nothing, Iam urging you as governor to help my son prove his innocence.