Help Frankie MacDonald Acheive His Dream Of Being On Ellen

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Dear Ellen

Frankie MacDonald is a 33 year old man from Sydney Nova Scotia Canada who has a passion for creating weather reports, dancing videos and comedy videos. His life long goal is to be on The Ellen Show. He has autism but he loves what he does. He has millions of views from people from around the globe on his YouTube channel. He gets a lot of negative people on his videos but he just ignores them. But there is a community of Frankie Defence Teams who have social media platforms where they are committed to sharing his progress and reporting haters so they get erased from social media. Many defence teams have gained thousands of followers. Frankie is a great man and has a great sense of humour and personality. I William Bush of Frankies Defence Team New Zealand believe Frankie 100% deserves to be on The Ellen Show.

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