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Petitioning Help For Marius - Save the life of this innocent girraffe.

Help save the life of an innocent creature that a zoo in Denmark are deciding to kill.

Marius, a completely innocent and magnificent girrafe has suddenly had his life threatened. The zoo in Denmark have decided to end his life due to European rules that avoid in-breeding, meaning they want to end Marius' life before he is old enough to mate.

Whilst animal rights campaigners agree that this is barbaric, there is still not enough help and the decision is still final, Marius is due to be put down on Sunday.
Whilst we do not have a lot of time, I urge you all to think about how cruel and unjust this decision is, an innocent creature, a part of this world is having his life threatened through no fault of his own, due to the cruel and heartless rules that this zoo is following.

Please, if you agree that this is heartless and that his life should be saved, please sign this petition and help spread the word. Marius is a living, breathing creature with a beating heart, a working mind and has been born into this world, making him a part of it. Let us show that we care about the life of this world, let us try and save him.

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  • Help For Marius - Save the life of this innocent girraffe.

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