Please help our family petition the township to keep our chickens!!

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Fenton Township is denying families the right to maintain and provide ourselves with clean, fresh, safe & nutritious food. They do this in part by denying families the ability to raise & harvest eggs from their own healthy & well cared for chickens instead of buying the less healthy factory farmed eggs. Shouldn't we all be allowed to choose & provide what we feed our children?  Ourselves?  Unfortunately, this mostly rural township does not seem to agree. They also do not give a legitimate reason for the decision other than that it is not conducive to their Master Plan. I don't know how many people are provided fresh, safe & healthy eggs from backyard chickens in this township but our chickens consistently feed not only our family of 7 but also children & extended family & friends in other parts of Genesee county. 

If you feel we (and other families in this position) should be allowed to keep our well cared for backyard chickens (we only have hens) and provide our family & friends with fresh, safe & nutritious eggs please sign the petition and share.    Thank you for caring! 


Fenton Township Office & Civic Community Center, 12060 Mantawauka Dr. Fenton, MI 48430
Phone: (810) 629-1537 • Fax: (810) 629-9736
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

Township Supervisor  -  Bonnie Mathis 


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