Help Erick Enriquez Earn A Second Chance At Coming Home

Help Erick Enriquez Earn A Second Chance At Coming Home

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Started by Kimberley Enriquez

         My name is Erick Enriquez and I have served 19 years of a sentence of life without the possibility of parole for the first-degree murder and burglary that I committed when I was 24 years old. Tragically, I took an innocent life that day, something that I am deeply remorseful and for which I take full responsibility. Over these last 19 years, I have made gradual and significant changes to my life, including rejecting the gang and criminal lifestyle that I was living and working to maintain my sobriety. I am celebrating 19 years of a drug-free lifestyle.

       I became truly serious about my rehabilitation in 2006, when I chose to leave the prison's General Population and it's politics and gang life to become a gang dropout, transferring into the Sensitive Needs Yard (SNY Population). I knew that I needed to make a change, but I wasn't sure where to begin. First, I joined the Alternatives to Violence program, which helped me to develop a lot of useful mental and emotional tools that I still use in my daily life to avoid violent and angry confrontations. I learned how to positively transform my life by learning to foster cooperation with coworkers, developing listening skills, deal with stress and to manage my anger. This group was a turning point for me. It was important to me because it helped me to develop an alternative approach to deal with situations rather than just turning to anger or violence, and attitude towards others. Because of that group, I haven't looked back and have delved into many other groups, even becoming a facilitator in order to help others as I have been helped. Among the various self-help groups that I have attended are Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Criminals And Gang Members Anonymous, Victim Awareness and many other groups dealing with Domestic Violence. 

       Today, I have realized the significant negative impact that I had because of the innocent life I took and the terror that I created within my Community because of my decisions. I was a parasite, preying on anyone I could. I sold drugs to many people. I committed acts of not just physical violence, but also emotional, social and economic violence. I realize now that I victimized almost everyone around me, damaging countless lives and people that I never even met because of my choices. I victimized mothers when I sold drugs to their sons. I victimized my community when they locked their doors because of the fear of the criminals around them. I victimized my family because I chose my criminal lifestyle rather than their love. I led a selfish, destructive life and I can never take that back. However, I can give back to the community and to society. I can transform my life into a form of living amends for all of the people that I've hurt in my life because I chose to become a gang member, a drug addict, and a murderer. Today, I want to help transform other lives for the better. I especially want to help at-risk youth, so that my dark and tragic past does not become their future. 

        These changes in my life have helped me to learn that I need to focus on my family. Where I once let my drug addiction and criminal lifestyle dominate my world, I choose to take an active role in the lives of my wife and my children. My wife, Kimberley and I work together to be supportive of all of our children's activities and choices. I have worked hard to become a role model and encourage my youngest daughter, Mereyeya, to become the best that she can be. The changes I have made have helped me to build an unbreakable bond within our family which further fuels my desire to be a positive influencer, devoted father and a loving husband. I want to be there for them in any way that I can, whether it is physical, mental or emotional just as they are there for me. 

          My hope is that by reading my story that you will come to understand that I am no longer the man who committed those crimes. I am no longer the man who abandoned his wife and children to further my criminal lifestyle and drug addiction. I am no longer the man callously took an innocent life and cause irrepairable damage to so many families and my community. I am not that the same selfish, irresponsible and immature 24-year old that entered prison those 19 years ago. Today, I am a 42 year-old that is more considerate, more thoughtful and more compassionate. I have learned insight into my character defects. I have developed deep remorse for the pain and damage I have caused. And, I hopefully I have gained some wisdom and knowledge along the way. I have become a person who is worthy of the love of his family and friends, worthy of being the father of the most amazing children any man could wish for, and I think, worthy of becoming a productive member of society once again. I hope that you share belief and would welcome me back into the community, where I could finally be an asset rather than a liability, a force for good and for positive change and growth rather than a force of evil and destruction. 

     I have the support of my family and friends, as well as the support of an employer who is willing to help me to get back on my feet and become productive. I hope that I also have your support and that of my entire community. Maybe together, we can all convince the Governor of California and the Board Of Parole Hearings that I am more than the crimes that I committed. Together, we can show them that I have changed and that I have transformed from a threat to society into a man that can and wants to help society by helping others to turn away from the same path and choices that led me here.  All I ask for is your support and for the chance to spend the rest of my life making amends for every wrong I have ever done. 

    Thank You for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to tell you the story of my transformation. God Bless you all.   

                                                                                Erick Enriquez

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