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Petitioning Famima!! Corporation Mr. Masaaki Kosaka

Help End the Sale of Illegal Whale Meat in Japan


Whale meat. You wouldn’t eat it or serve it for dinner. But a few stores still stock their shelves with it in Japan even though the popularity of eating it is rapidly declining.

One of these retailers is called FamilyMart. Our colleagues in Japan and other environmental groups have pressured them to stop selling whale meat, but the company refuses.

FamilyMart has locations here in the United States. The stores are named Famima!! and there are ten locations in the Los Angeles area. It may seem like a small amount of stores, but Famima!! has announced plans to expand their locations in the United States. While they don’t sell whale meat in the United States (it’s illegal) they continue selling it in Japan.

Take action today and tell Famima!! that if they want to expand in the United States they must cease supporting the illegal and immoral ongoing whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, undertaken on an annual basis by the Japanese whaling fleet.

Together, we can help save the whales!

Letter to
Famima!! Corporation Mr. Masaaki Kosaka
I am writing to urge you to recommend that FamilyMart stop selling illegally obtained whale meat in all its stores.

Recent investigations have revealed that Famima!!'s parent company, FamilyMart, sells canned whale meat in 25% of stores surveyed.

FamilyMart's business helps to sustain the illegal whaling industry and the slaughter of protected whale species, and plays a major role in sustaining the
Government of Japan's refusal to abide by the international laws that protect whales.

Many leading Japanese retailers, such as AEON, Ito-Yokado, 7-Eleven and Seiyu, have already stopped selling all whale meat products.

As an American who is opposed to whaling and extremely concerned about the future of our oceans' whales, I urge you to permanently end the sale of all whale products in all FamilyMart stores.

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