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Help End The Pitbull Ban

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If the title didn't give it away then this should. I want the Pitbull ban to come to an end. Now your probobly asking yourself, "Why would you wanna do that? They are an aggressive breed of dog that's known for their violence, that's a horrible idea!" I have been told that by quite a few people. I wont lie Pitbulls have been involved in some pretty crazy attacks, that involve people or animals getting seriously injured or worse. Unfortunately, it makes writing this harder than it should be.

 I know for a fact that dogs don't just attack without cause, unless they were abused or starved. That's what makes a dog Violent, treating an animal like dirt. Hitting them or starving an animal will not teach it obedience, it makes the situation worse. Species or breed does not matter, it is a common element among all animals, dogs are not different. Any dog, even the pomeranain can attack another creature. I went on the internet to see what people thought about the ban. I found a video on Youtube by 666milktray. They posted a video on Cesar Millian, a dog whisperer by profession talking about what Pitbulls are really like. Millian says " In Switzerland they don't believe in banning breed. They don't. They just adopt the philosophy. They are not gonna ban breed, they are just gonna make sure they educate the people." He also said " Whenever a breed comes into fashion. And we don't control the power, we blame them. So in the 70's it was the doberman, we couldn't control them so lets wipe them off, and lets create a myth that when they become 5 years of age, they will turn on their human." Another well known fact that is actually myth is Pitbulls are an aggressive breed. Showing any animal love and affection , that they are cared for and loved  until the day they die, That animal will be extremely loyal. I own a Stafford Shire Terrier/ Pitbull. Fully licensed and all. Her name is Roxy, and she is gonna be 3 years old in April.  She is the sweetest little thing I ever seen and she would never hurt a person in her life. Pitbulls are a loyal breed of dog, and bad people with ill intent take advantage of this. People like drug dealers; so that their product can be safe, or gangs; to strike fear into rivals. Pitbulls are a loyal breed of dog that are forced to obey cruel owners. An excellent example of this is shown from the summer of 1987. In June 22 1987 a woman named Joy Houser owned a Pitbull named Benjamin. Joy trained her Pitbull Benjamin to attack, including her land lord and his daughter. After animal control came into investigate, Joy sent her PItbull Benjamin to attack. Reiterating that this is not the dog, it is the owner.

What I am trying to say is that Pitbulls are not aggressive breed of dog and it is unfair how they are looked upon. I hope you take this as seriously as I do and stand beside me. Thank you for your time in reading this petition, and I hope you consider signing.

Spencer Marshall Kanters 

Casey Masters 

Kaleb St. Martin

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