Help end Police Brutality! Help end Improper Justice!

Help end Police Brutality! Help end Improper Justice!

April 2, 2022
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Started by Xu Cong

Hello my name is Xu Cong, I am presently incarcerated in the United States at Green Haven Correctional Facility in Stormville, NY. I am looking for help by asking If you can share my story on every possible social media platform from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.

I am not asking you to find pity on me, based on a crime I don't remember due to the fact that my co-defendant drugged me and left me at his uncle's house which was the crime scene. The courts gave me a lot of time to make an example out of me because I am Asian.

I was given an unfair sentence for a crime of being set up for the fall. I have no family here in America to help me fight my case. I am looking for someone who would be able to help me turn this injustice conviction. 

I am currently incarcerated, serving 30 year sentence for Assault in the 1st degree B and Burglary in the 1st degree B. I am seeking in acquiring a re-sentencing for my case.

Background on the case:

The victim in my case is my co-defendant's uncle. I was not involved in the burglary of the victim's home. However, my co-defendant drugged me and left me at the crime scene. When I and my co-defendant where arrested, the victim, being his uncle helped my co-defendant find a lawyer and made a deal with the DA against me. My co-defendant received only 7 year sentence but I received 30 years.

This sentence is unfair. Because my co-defendant and the victim are relatives, compounded with the fact that the victim is a lawyer, the bulk of the case was pinned on me. Also my co-defendant is an American born Chinese man, whereas I am a Chinese national and don't know the law. I had also just turned 21 years old, two months prior.

I currently don't have any family in America to help me fight my case. Both my parents are in their 70's living abroad and unaware of the American judicial system. Being a Chinese native myself, I don't even know how to fight for justice or the protections I was supposed to be afforded under the law.

I have done research into cases similar to mines in Nassau County, where I was arrested. I am the only person who received a 30 year sentence without any death in the case. All the previous defendants with cases similar to mine where white, black, Latino, receiving nothing greater than 15 years. I am the only Asian with this case in Nassau County and I received 30 years.

Also I was tortured by the police after my arrest and subjected to extreme police brutality.

On August 13th, 2013, I was arrested for Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree. Despite the fact that I was initially drugged and had little recollection of the events leading up to the gun fight with Nassau County law enforcement when I was apprehended I was tortured by the police. After I was handcuffed the police took turns kicking and using the end of their rifles to repeatedly strike me in my head and my body. Also at the time after I was already subdued they deliberately released the canine and allowed the canine to bite me in my head, arms and legs.

I was then placed in the back of the police car in which they had rolled the windows down. The police officers then began torturing me by punching and stabbing me in the ear where I was shot with their batons to deliberately cause me extreme pain and agony as they demanded to know "Where the gun was."

Eventually I was taken to the Police Station and placed in a small room. A brown paper bag was placed over my head and then they proceeded to physically assault me. When they took the paper bag off my head, the police placed a variety of papers on the desk in front of me and demanded that I sign them. I refused and demanded to have my lawyer present. At this time a officer dressed in plain clothes came into the room and instructed all the other officers to leave the room. He demanded me to sign the paper once again and when I refused he placed a large book on my chest and began kicking me repeatedly where the book was placed until I began coughing up blood.

Eventually an Asian officer named Dong Zhao (Shield# 3031)   who spoke Chinese entered the room and he told me that if I didn't sign the papers they would not bring me to the hospital for my wounds. I refused and once again demanded to speak with my lawyer. Shortly after this I was assaulted again because I would not comply. 

A lady entered the room and placed a gauze pad over my ear where I was shot and took a picture. When the lady departed the officer returned and demanded once again that  I sign the papers. I repeated that I didn't understand what papers say. I didn't want to sign and that I wanted my lawyer. After I refused that they ripped the gauze pad off my ear and proceeded to physically assault me again. 

Afterwards a number of officers entered the room and after donning gloves the forcibly placed the pen in my hand and with their hands enclosed around mine and forced me to sign the papers. They then collected blood from my wound with toilet paper.

A short while, they assaulted me once again as the Chinese officer Dong Zhao screamed at me to write a statement or they will not bring me to the hospital and let me die. After being repeatedly assaulted and traumatized due to these events I made a verbal statement to the Chinese officer Dong Zhao. The verbal statement I made to officer Dong Zhao was not written out how I dictated it to him and because of the statement I was advised to plea to a 30 year flat sentence. 

I truly need your assistance in this matter. I was tortured and subjected to extreme police brutality. I was coerced to give the statement that I gave. Being a Chinese native I didn't even know how to fight for justice and the protections I was supposed to be afforded under the law. That is why I am hoping you can help me with my case.

If you would like to write me directly you would need to register at or you can download the JPay app on your smart phone. Search my name and ID number, Xu Cong   15A2539, once you register you can send me an email. Also you can write to me to the following address:

Green Haven Correctional Facility

P.O. Box 4000

Stormville, N.Y. 12582

Xu Cong #15A2539


Thank you for the time in this matter. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. 


                                                                                     Xu Cong


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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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