Save Doctors : They too are Human

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When children in India dream of becoming a doctor and saving lives, little do they know about the cruelty and hatred that is waiting to fill their life with misery and regret.

With increasing mob violence and harassment of doctors, both physical as well as mental (via social media), the day is not far when doctors will avoid tending to even slightly complicated cases, out of fear for their lives. The essence of the profession, that is, to try and take care of the patient no matter how grave the disease, will be lost. And many lives, that doctors now try saving by taking risks with difficult cases, will also be lost.

Sometimes, doctors are treating patients in highly stressful condition, fighting not just death, but also time. And despite their best efforts, sometimes the results are not what they strived for. Because medicine is not a science of black and white, it has tons of ifs and buts, and exceptions and complications; events that may have never happened before, and events that have no explanation so far. Yet, doctors take care of patients in spite of all of that. Isn’t it truly admirable!

In their lifetime, doctors spend years not only learning the science of Medicine but, more importantly, the art of patient care. After all, this profession deals with human lives, and doctors take an oath to always remember that in every action they take.

Sadly, the same doctors are assaulted, and harassed, and defamed without proper knowledge and understanding. False criminal cases are filed against the doctors with the purpose of blackmailing and extorting large sums of money from them.
And as if that is not enough, a quickly rising trend of "social media trials" against doctors has also begun, wherein, false news is posted online to gain public sympathy. The masses are misled, while the doctors are unable to defend themselves as they are bound by laws and rules, that they dutifully abide by. This is a violation of human rights of doctors as well. It is a question mark on the doctors' integrity and morals, and is equivalent to public defamation and instigating hatred among the masses.

It is clear that such acts are performed not for justice, but for mere contempt and molestation. While there is no denying the fact that due process of law may take place in such cases, the attempts to defame, assault, extort, intimidate and blackmail need to be discouraged and made punishable. The investigating officer and courts should take note of such attempts by the complainants.

Through this petition, it is attempted to highlight the apathy towards the medical practitioners. The medical profession can only bloom, and benefit all lives when it is practiced in an environment free of fear for such unnecessary humiliation and defamation.

It is a sincere plea to all concerned authorities to take action against such malpractices, and initiate efforts to safeguard the medical fraternity of such ill deeds.

If a fake social media post can reach thousands of views and shares, I request that this petition, an earnest cry for help, for a profession in perils, also be read, signed and shared to the masses. Your views are valuable, and the support we get here is a reflection of how much the country cares about its caregivers. After all, doctors are humans too; they are humans who have dedicated their lives to the well being of fellow humans.

We request you to help safeguard doctors by signing this petition and please share this petition among your friends so no doctor has to face such undeserved harassment in future. By signing this petition you'll not only save doctors but also save the general public.