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Illuminati" have ties to and are in fact governed by the Wettin World Government Council !!!!!

Contess Wilhelm

Jan 15, 2020 — 

How... Countess Belenoff was Appointment to World Governing Council

In October of 1979 Somerset Belenoff was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II to represent the House of Windsor, and by extension the United Kingdom, on the Wettin World Governing Council. At 26 years of age, she was the youngest delegate to sit on the Council, but she would soon become a an unstoppable force for change within that governing body.

From 1947 until his assassination by the Irish Republican Army in August of 1979, Windsor was represented on the Wettin Council by Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl of Burma. Lord Mountbatten was the uncle of Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth's husband and had been a trusted advisor to the royal family. His 32 year tenure on the Council is generally characterized as uneventful. Upon Mountbatten's  death, Queen Elizabeth appointed Miss Belenoff to the Council and by letters patent bestowed upon her the title of Countess.

What is the Wettin World Governing Council and what is its role in world governance?
The House of Wettin dates from approximately 950 AD and is Europe's preeminent dynastic family. The ancestral home of the House of Wettin is in Germany, but due to the historical importance of the dynasty, its influence extends across the globe. All of the people that you've ever heard of in the context of "ruling elite," or "Illuminati" have ties to and are in fact governed by the Wettin World Governing Council. The Committee of 300, the Vatican, Windsors, Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, Bilderbergers, Rockefellers, Bushes, Vanderbilts, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the United Nations, all send their delegates to the Wettin Council and are all ultimately controlled to a large degree by Wettin. Members of the Wettin dynasty have been kings and queens of many European countries. In 1840, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, a prince of the House of Wettin, which meant that the House of Windsor was annexed by marriage to the House of Wettin. The children of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert never used the surname "Wettin" but it was in fact the official surname of the royal family.

During World War 1, due to anti-German sentiment at home, the royal family officially changed their surname to Windsor.

The "Purge of the Princes" and Restructure of Wettin's Governing Authority
Upon taking her seat as the Windsor delegate in October of 1979, Miss Belenoff began to exercise a much greater degree of authority on the Council than her predecessors and introduced a number of sweeping reforms. Although the reforms were ultimately approved by the ruling families, the changes weren't made without significant bloodshed. The primary goal of Miss Belenoff's reforms were to:Divide the governing forum into two tiers, with an Upper Chamber and  Lower Chamber. The proposed structure would vest all decision making power in the Upper Chamber, which would include only those delegates who were from the ancient dynastic families. The Lower Chamber would consist of those delegates who had acquired power within the last couple of hundred years through industry and commerce. Another way to view this is: The Upper Chamber, where all decisions are made, includes Dukes, Earls, Princes, Counts and Countesses, Barons and Baronesses - the Lower Chamber consists of the world's wealthiest families such as the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers and Rothschilds.
Ensure that the decisions of the World Governing Council would not be swayed by any prevailing political philosophies or financial interests - this was the primary reason that membership in the Upper Chamber was reserved for those who had inherited their wealth and positions.
Mitigate the influence of those few remaining delegates who had been supporters of Hitler as well as those delegates who supported Soviet communism.
Establish an independent World Security Office (with herself at the head) responsible for enforcing the rules of the Governing Council and holding member delegates accountable to a central authority. The Security Office would also be authorized to commandeer any military force or intelligence-gathering apparatus in the world, including space-based weapons and satellite communications.

The proposed changes gave rise to a significant amount of opposition. According to Wettin historian Alfred Saxe-Coburg, prior to the final vote to implement the reforms an assassination plot was hatched by 18 of the most powerful delegates, all of whom were princes and dukes from Europe's most elite houses. Miss Belenoff learned of the plot and after the final vote was tallied she confronted the conspirators in an open forum, accusing them of treason. She ordered 12 of the would-be assassins to climb the caste's north tower and to jump to their deaths. The remaining 6 conspirators were given revolvers and Miss Belenoff ordered them to proceed to the adjoining courtyard where they were to shoot themselves. Karl Feldhaus, a servant at the castle who waited upon the delegates said that all of the conspirators followed the Countess's instructions as though they were under some kind of spell. Mr. Feldhaus said that after the 12 princes had left the table and ascended the stairs to the north tower, Miss Belenoff made the remark, "12 lords a-leaping," in reference to a line from the popular Christmas song.

Current Structure of the World Governing Council
The image below illustrates the current structure of the World Governing Council after Miss Belenoff's reforms were implemented World Governing Council.

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