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There are thousands of disabled veterans living in poverty and homeless and destitute. They are living in the woods,on the streets and in cardboard boxes. They have served you and I and our families with honor and valor and distinction and do not deserve this. Please see -

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Suffolk County Republicans and Town of Brookhaven Republicans Suffolk County Chamber of Commerce
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U.S. House of Representatives
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U.S. Senate
New York State House
New York State Senate
President of the United States
New York Governor
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Disabled veterans do not deserve to live in poverty and homeless. The Suffolk County Chamber of Commerce in cohoots with the Suffolk County Republican Party has made this county a paradise for businesses to hire illegals and a nightmare for out of work veterans seeking employment.
Please contact your local politicians and alert them to these practices and boycott businesses that do not hire the vet and hire the illegal with no taxes,no social security,no healthcare,no safety regulations,no driver's license and a drain on the taxpayers and homeowners. The landscapers,restauarants,and the construction companies here are the worst offenders but all the Chamber of Commerce businesses that can get away with it do it to improve their bottom line and avoid their fair share of taxes and by doing so burden the people of this county and cripple the ability of veterans begging for . They even have the Suffolk County Police in their pocket. The police chase away under threat of arrest the few bold veterans that are on the sidewalks and corners looking for work and leave the thousands of illegals alone for fear of complaints by businesses and the well funded illegal campaign.
Help even just one homeless disabled veteran hero this winter - see -

A Plea to help even just one homeless disabled veteran hero this winter - see -

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