AUSLAN sign language to be taught in all Australian schools

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My beautiful toddler can only communicate with people only through sign language. I want my little one to have real access to friendships and be able to live their life like any other kid. This is why I’m calling on Australian schools to teach all kids basic Auslan sign language.

As a mother, I’m afraid that my child won’t enjoy their childhood as I’d want for them. No child should experience feelings of alienation or disconnection because they’re unable to communicate with their peers. If everybody just knew a little bit of sign language, then it would make the world so much more inclusive. 

I believe that in teaching our kids sign language, we are also instilling in them values of compassion. It will educate kids to grow up to be more compassionate with people with disabilities. We can nurture a more empathetic generation. If we can teach kids some basic signs, such as for directions, exchanging money, etc, it could have a huge impact on a deaf person's life.

It is time to bring change in Australia. It is time to take a step towards including people with hearing and speech disabilities. They shouldn’t have to rely on technology and hearing implants to be able to order coffee.

Please sign and share my petition to teach kids Auslan sign language in all schools.