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Help create the world’s largest marine sanctuary network - just 1 day left

A global milestone in marine conservation today hangs in the balance.

Australia, with the third largest and most bio-diverse marine territory in the world, is on the verge of creating a network of marine sanctuaries around its entire continent.

If done right, it would be the world’s largest network of protected marine sanctuaries.

Completed in 4 stages, the first region to be decided upon in weeks is Australia’s South West. This first stage is critical as it sets the precedent for protection for the entire network.

If we can send 10,000 emails to the Australian Environment Minister, Tony Burke, before 8 August we believe he will listen to Australia’s science community and create history with the world’s largest network of sanctuaries.

 At stake are the homes of thousands of unique, rare and endangered marine animals such as the delicate leafy sea dragon, the endangered Australian Sea Lion and the largest creature to have ever lived, the blue whale.

Please email Minister Burke today and tell him to create the largest network of marine sanctuaries in the world, starting in Australia’s South West.

Letter to
Member for Curtin Ms Julie Bishop MP
Member for Fremantle Ms Melissa Parke MP
The Australian Environment Minister Mr Tony Burke MP
and 2 others
Western Australian Senator Rachel Siewert
Australian Environment Department
Australia’s unique marine life is under threat but right now you have an historic opportunity to turn this around and leave a globally significant legacy for future generations.

Please listen to the advice of marine scientists and ensure that you establish a network of large marine sanctuaries around Australia, starting in the South West. Such a network must protect key feeding and breeding areas as well as hotspots critical for marine life in shallower shelf areas. The sanctuaries also need to be large enough to ensure effective, long term protection for marine life and fish stocks.

A network of large marine sanctuaries will safeguard Australia’s unique marine life, replenish fish stocks, provide new opportunities for coastal economies through tourism and conserve our spectacular marine ecosystems for future generations. The world is looking to Australia for leadership on this critical issue of saving our oceans.

Please count this as my submission to the Australian Government's draft South West Marine Region Bioregional Plan.


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