Help Clean Our Lungs of Dust Particles - Gotri to Amin Party Plot, Kunal Cross Roads Road

Help Clean Our Lungs of Dust Particles - Gotri to Amin Party Plot, Kunal Cross Roads Road

8 July 2022
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The Commissioner

Vadodara Municipal Corporation




Hope this communication finds you in the best of your spirits and happiness. 

We thank you for all the efforts to administer Vadodara city to its present form. 

We write this to you for a long pending harrowing situation on the high tension line road starting from Gotri Main Road (Near ISCON Heights) and going towards Kunal Char Rasta and Amin Party Plot. 


The land under the High Tension Line is regularly dumped with concrete waste, with the fine dust enveloping all the buildings and people around. There are many families staying below the high tension line. While whether they are authorized by your office or not may not be the bigger question, the biggest question is their safety and safety of people like us staying in ISCON Heights with fine dust coming in regularly from the windows. Sometimes the concrete waste is dumped almost near the road, endangering commuters on the road with big concrete stones lying in the middle of the road. We are ensuring future patients with respiratory illnesses from the people staying right below the high tension line with this unchecked activity of concrete waste dumping. 

Surprisingly, the concrete waste is collected by some trucks, and the land is again refilled with new waste. From a layman's point of view, the entire land is functioning like a clearing center for concrete waste. 


We request your good offices in kindly enabling to clean this area of all the debris and ensure zero concrete dumpings, andreplacing it with plants and trees or even banyan trees to make it a better part of Vadodara since Vadodara word itself means land of Banyan trees. 


Thanking you,





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Signatures: 291Next Goal: 500
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