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Help change the rate for children's disability therapy services

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Do you think paying $175 hour plus for therepy for our kids with a disability is too much?

Sign and share this petition now to help lower this rate and make a change.

Therapists need to reassess their rate to be more reasonable and inline with market rates for similar services.

Example 1: If a non-disabled adult or child needs to see a physiotherapist for a general sore shoulder they would be looking at paying around $80 to $120 an hour.

Example 2: A child with a disability needs weekly and constant therepy for years, if not the rest of their life, they are being charged around $175 to $200 an hour.

By reducing the current exorbitant rates, our funds will go a lot further, it will also reduce the burden on the government and taxpayers who ultimately fund the NDIS, but most of all it will make it more affordable for our children with a disabilities who so desperately need the therapy to be able to access it.

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